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Re: Hammond Equivalent to Standard 5E3 Power Tranny?

4/12/2004 5:16 AM
Re: Hammond Equivalent to Standard 5E3 Power Tranny?
Man, thanks! I'm VA and I believe he's in NC.  
I'm thinking about having him build my cabs!  
Didn't mean to go off subject but remembered that you bought one from the 18 Watt Board.  
CR ><>
4/12/2004 3:20 PM

Please post a link to the cabinet builder you are talking about.
4/12/2004 4:42 PM
ted m
Well I'm sure to catch a lot of flack for this and know I'll have to back it up technically, but I think that the Hammonds are just not the right PT for a 5E3.  
Now I believe the amps you guys are building are excellent sounding, in fact from some of the parts and voltages I'm seeing you guys post, I wouldn't be surprised if they sound as good as ~12K 'wrecks.  
But for the vibe and sponge of a real 5E3, I think some of your iron is much, much too big and voltages out of wack, so while looking fine at idle/static, won't saturate the way an old one will (or did in it's day).  
Please don't flame me too hard, just my opinions. I have not played, or really even heard, any of your amps.
4/12/2004 6:09 PM
well I'm not using hammonds in my 5E3 amps, but as I mentioned, Mojotone and New Sensor direct replacement PT's. As far as how my amps sound, I think they sound awesome and with 29 very happy customers and counting(just on the 5E3 model alone) I have quite a bit of consensus to go on.  
If a PT's secondary voltage is close to the original, I don't find any difference in tone from PT to PT due to ma rating. I have used hammond PT's on some marshall clones however and they worked just fine. Too low of an ma rating has, in my experimenting, caused note drop out at certain frequencies or as some call it dead spots on the neck.  
The OT is a different story. Lately I have tried some MM OT's and they sound great. They will probably be my preferred 5E3 OT in the future.
4/12/2004 6:49 PM
ted m
I have no doubt your amps could be great amps and sound as good as anything.  
Here's something that might visually give you insignt into differences that may or may not translate into audible differences:  
1. build up 2 similar 5e3s, everything the same, voltages and all. except PT/OT.  
2. in amp 1, put in your "direct replacement" iron, in amp 2, borrow some working original iron from a real 5e3.  
3. get a dual socketed light bulb adapter for use in between wall and amp, put 150-200W of light bulbs in (200W will keep your heaters within 10% of spec, 150W will keep within 15% of spec.)  
4. Wait for a full moon.  
5. plug into an A/B box and if you can't hear the differences, I think you will see that the light brightens more in the original 5e3 iron amp. Now the theory of why is spread out amongst virgins who might be sacrificed if they told, and I can't write a book right now, but if you get to the above steps, I'll keep going...
4/12/2004 8:06 PM
too funny.
4/12/2004 6:19 PM
the cabinet maker's name is Dan. His email is:

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