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Re: How many use their 5E3 for it's clean sound?

3/8/2004 7:03 PM
Nate Rudy
Re: How many use their 5E3 for it's clean sound?
I like both the clean and the drive sounds from my Tweedy. I had a big dinner party Saturday night and once everyone had enough to drink we whipped out the guitars. I brought out the Tweedy and it amazed everyone with the clean and drive sounds. One guy starts whipping out Wes Montomery licks, and it sounds like someone put The Incredible Jazz Guitar on the stereo.  
The clean tone on the Tweedy is hard to beat, despite the lack of BF/SF lows. Having owned and sold four BF/SF Fenders, I can say that I much prefer the tweed sound to BF/SF, which is way too filtered for me.  
Maybe a 2x6L6 or 4x6V6 and bigger trannies would help get more low end, but it would be for nothing if you lost the Deluxe tone.  
(Not to mention how good the overdrive sounds.)
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3/8/2004 10:58 PM
Phil Loarie
Ok, it seems that I am not up to speed on all  
the "tones" that I can get from my 5e3. So,  
after reading this thread a number of times  
I tried the thing with the normal input vol. at  
about 40-50%, and rolled back the bright vol.  
from 100% a tweek while I plugged into the  
normal channel. And yes, it has a clean tone,  
yes it's sweet, and yes it isn't 'big' (loud)  
enough. Thanks guys. I still like my BF amps  
for a clean tone better, but I can agree with  
you the 5e3 does have a clean tone.  
Another thing, I like the way you can control  
the amout of added color when you roll back the  
unused channel vol. from 100%. Anywhere from  
90% back to zero gives you a wide range. Very  
3/10/2004 5:12 PM

Yes I use the 5e3 for clean tone.  
I have configured a 65 Baseman head with a 5e3 preamp on one channel a modified 5e4 preamp on the second channel and a 5e3 power amp. I also built in attenuation resistors using the old grounding switch space (new switch) to switch the resistors in and out of the output circuit (between the output transformer and speaker jack).  
On the power supply I use a 100 ma transformer to handle the extra two 5e4 preamp tubes, and a 1948 RT (French) 5y3g. This rectifier tube is softer than most other 5y3gs and gts. I use one of the bright switches to switch power on and off to the two 5e4 preamp tubes. With power on to the 5e4 preamp tubes there is a voltage drop of about 20 volts to the 5e3 preamp tube which gives me some tonal change noticeable on clean settings. I also have increased the first power supply electrolytic to 30 mfd.  
I have spent many many hours trying different tubes, cap values, and voltages in search of the tone I wanted from a particular guitar-amp combination. I have ended up using a stronger power supply with softer tubes. 47 NOS Zenith (RCA) 6v6gís for output (soft and smooth), 12ay7 and 12 ax7 in the 5e3 side, 5751 and a 12av7 in the 5e4 preamp.  
The result of the hybrid 5e3/5e4 is a wide range of tones from clean to heavy distortion. Using a Weber p12r in a separate cab I am plenty loud for a club gig and still clean (Freddy King) with hot p90s and the 5e3 preamp. Tubes make a big difference for the clean sound and if you need more head room before break up try some Raytheon JAN 6v6ts ( much cleaner than the old RCAs). For practice or less headroom I can switch in the power attenuating resistors and have about 4 watts.  
The 5e4 preamp side produces a different sound with more distortion and the ability to cut through a mix of organ, drums and a rhythm guitar thatís always too loud. This side is never clean and can really crunch like the late 50s big tweeds.  
The 5e3 can produce a lot of different cool tones and it hard to really screw up if you are in to tweaking.  
3/11/2004 12:12 AM
Van Gelder studios house amp
You probably know this already, but I've read that the 5E3 was the house amp at Rudy Van Gelder's studio, and was used by many of the 1960s jazz greats, including Grant Green.  
Now THERE's a clean tone to go for...

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