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Re: You mean something like this?

3/7/2004 4:13 AM
Bob Arbogast Re: You mean something like this?
The green/yellow wire goes to ground. Others may do it differently, but I solder the green/yellow, orange, and red/yellow wires together to the chassis. Grounding the green/yellow wire provides a centered ground reference for the filament winding, therefore no 100-Ohm R's are necessary.  
This amp sounds quite a bit different than a 5E3. It's brighter and harder and doesn't have the same creamy breakup. Put in other words, it's punchier and cuts through better. When I run it with 5Y3 + 6V6's, it sounds just like a standard 5E3.  
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3/8/2004 7:10 PM

You have any sound clips of that bad boy? That sounds like a great amp!!
3/10/2004 6:17 PM

Wow that Tweedy is looking very nice Bob!  
How much is the wattage if you make a hybrid like yourse?
3/5/2004 1:42 PM
Re: How many use their 5E3 for it's clean sound?
I love both the clean and dirty sounds and everything in between. Ilike the clean on this more than BF fenders because it seems more rich to me. it's more meaty. i like the kind of "snap" you get with it when you pluck the strings.  
have you thought of making the channel jumpering foot switchable in order to get more dirt?  
3/5/2004 6:38 PM
Phil Loarie
I don't see a 5e3 or many tweeds as a source  
for a 'clean' sound. Anything over 25% on  
my 5e3 is going into clipping. Likewise,  
why in the heck would any one put a OD or  
other type od distortion pedal on a 5e3???  
I don't get it. The whole point for me  
to build my own 5e3 was I would never need  
a pedal. In fact, I don't think there is a  
pedal made that can deliver the sweet distortion  
of a 5E3 dimed or nearly dimed out. Why? Because  
you get those nice set of harmonics that only  
a 6V6 can deliver as opposed to those very  
annoying harmonics that solid state devices  
includling pedals deliver. Ok, if you are into  
grunge to shred go SS by all means.  
For clean, stick with a good BF amp. I love the  
combination of a 5e3 and a BFDR with a AB a/b  
foot switch. There I can get, clean, cream,  
and keen.  
3/5/2004 7:45 PM

i actually have mine a/b'd with a BF bandmaster. i wish i just have 50 watts of tweed deluxe :)
3/6/2004 12:09 AM
Phil Loarie
I know what you mean. I suppose you could  
build a tweed bassman, or a tweed double  
deluxe (4x 6v6) if you like 6V6 tubes like I do.  
But either one of those will under 50 Watts.  
If you have access to a great PA, mic your deluxe  
and your bandmaster, and mix at the board.  
Have you tried that yet?  

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