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Re: 5e3 mods

3/3/2004 6:10 PM
Re: 5e3 mods
Hi Steve,  
Before you start modding, try swapping in different tubes. I was able to accomplish the tone I was looking for by changing out the preamp tubes (V1 is now 5751 and V2 to an RCA 7025). The 5751 removed most of the mud from the bass and the 7025 made the OD much more linear. RCA 7025's are almost impossible to find, but other variations sound similar. A good quality NOS 12AX7 will help. In fact, the JJ ECC83 sounds much better after swapping out the EH 12AY7. I am also running 2 10s instead of a single 12. The only mod that I am considering is the OT swap to a tweed super so I can run 6L6s as well as 6V6s.
3/4/2004 4:14 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Darin are you saying that you think the 12AY7EH is muddy sounding and if so, what did you replace it with?  
I use to supply the kits with a NOS 12AY7s but after burning through over 100 of them, they started getting too pricey!!  
I thought the 12AY7EHs sounded pretty good and are readily available.  
I'm now having trouble locating enough inexpenisve 5Y3GTs too.  
The SOVTEK 5Y3 is UNUSEABLE in this amp.  
3/4/2004 4:53 PM
Steve L

I used a Sovtek in mine :-0  
What is wrong with them? Why do you consider them unusable? Which ones have you found to be a better choice?  
3/5/2004 1:48 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

The pass too much B+ voltage and will over voltage the power tubes in this amp!!  
I don't think they are even a real 5Y3 Steve.  

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