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Re: 5e3 mods

3/2/2004 1:38 PM
TD Madden
Re: 5e3 mods
I changed my OT to a "Super" (a multi-tapped OT for 6L6's) and am using 6L6s with a CopperCap version of the GZ34...don't forget to change the 270/5w resistor to a 10w!  
Still sounds like a 5E3, but much "bigger" sounding.
2/28/2004 4:33 AM

I will supply the web page, if you guys want a mod page. Just e-mail me the details or links, and I will post them at
2/28/2004 6:29 PM
Frank DeSalvo

You can just pop it on in. It'll raise your plate voltage up a bit, but nothing to warrant a rebias.  
I've built a 5E3 with a 30w OT and 6l6's and IMHO, it's just not the same, it was louder and cleaner, but the grunt and dirt were gone-and I was using p90s!  
2/28/2004 6:37 PM
Philip Morrison

Steve L  
Had a Tweedy kit from Bruce. Loaded it into a cab with a Jensen Mod 12-__35?(can't remember which). Liked it alot.  
Did the "Paul C" mod. Liked it-kept it.  
On a tip from Richie Hall-changed the tone pot to 250KA  
liked it-kept it(smoothed out the OD even more)  
Consequently I guess it wasn't technically ever a 5E3. It doesn't sound as gnarly or aggressive as it origionally did-it's more of a refined OD but it still sounds pretty darned good.  
Been thinking about building a second Tweedy to leave stock for comparison when I get some time.  
Guess the moral of the story is that sometimes its hard to remember where you've been once you get where you're going.  
Good Fortune  
Philip Morrison  
PS: Try the JJ6V6's they pretty nice!
2/28/2004 11:58 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

I also have the new JJ6V6s in stock now.  
They're pretty darn good too.  
A bit more money but a fabulous addition to the current tube compliments.  
2/29/2004 11:45 PM
TD MAdden

I put a set of the JJs in one of my Tweedies and they DO go right up against the bell-cover of the Celestion Blue, they are both "fatter" and longer than the EH-6V6s in the kit.....had to move the chassis outward (which doesn't allow the panel to sit flush...there's a slight "bend" to it when the screws are tightened down.
3/4/2004 4:10 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Well, even though the JJs cost me quite a bit more, I now have in stock 100 6V6JJs but I guess I better order another 100 6V6EHs too then.  
Thanks for letting me know.  

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