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My First 5E3

2/14/2004 10:47 PM
A. Palow
My First 5E3
This afternoon I finished the build on my first 5E3. This is the second amp I have built, the first being a 5F1 Champ. On the 5F1 build, I ran into a few beginner's problems, but on this 5E3 it all worked on the first try! :-)  
I used most of Bruce's layout with Mojo PT, Mojo OT, Allen Bradley CC resistors, Sprague Orange Drops/Atoms, JJ12AX7's, EH 6V6's, JAN Sylvania 5Y3 and an original cone Jensen P12Q from 1955. My PT had a filament center tap, so I omitted the 100 ohm resistors. I also left out the Zener diode, and used the original 16uF filter cap values.  
I'd like to thank all of the members here as well as those who took the time to put up their own websites devoted to the 5E3. All of this information was crucial to my successful build. I've been reading this forum since last March and have learned plenty from it.  
This amp sounds great at low to mid volume, but really shines when turned up to 12. I'm looking forward to making a separate 6L6 version soon.
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