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5E3 6L6 Conversion Layout Drawing

12/9/2003 11:16 PM
bnwitt 5E3 6L6 Conversion Layout Drawing
I thought I would share my latest layout drawing with whomever has an interest. It is a turret board layout of the 5E3 6L6 conversion which has been discussed in other threads and that I have just finished building. Along with the Blues Deluxe OT and the resistor changes necessary for the 6L6's, the layout also incorporates:  
1.The Paul C phase inverter mod  
2.A 12DW7 dual triode in the V2 position (the low mu side is the PI and has 15k resistors instead of 56k's)  
3.A few capacitor changes to clean up the 5E3's tone.  
4.A 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier.  
If you are interested, the drawing can be found at:  
My thanks to Bruce for all the information.  
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12/10/2003 1:13 AM
Randy Perry

Is it only me or is anyone else getting only the top fourth of the diagram. From what I can see, Barry, the diagram looks excellent and I wish (1) all of the layout diagrams were in a similar format and (2) I could see the whole thing!
12/10/2003 1:50 AM
I don't understand that. Try this link:  
then right click on the 5E3/6L6 link, choose "save target as" to save it to your hard drive. You should be able to pull it up then.  
12/10/2003 4:31 AM
Randy Perry

The link does the same thing, but, the e-mail came through just fine. That is an excellent diagram and helps me to visualize what is being stated in many of the threads concerning mods. Thanks.
12/14/2003 12:05 AM
I got this thing in a deluxe cab and I have squeal on both channels. I am investigating the cause. Until then ignore this layout
12/14/2003 12:38 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Are you using one of Doug's 6L6 OTs it that Barry?  
What's happened to Dan at the "Tube Garden"?  
He's really dropped out of the picture the last few months.  
12/14/2003 2:47 AM
No it's not a hoffman OT. I am using a Blues Deluxe trannie I got from Angela, but I am starting to suspect that it is the cause of the incredible hum I now have in both channels. I replaced the 15k pi load resistors with the stock 56k and got rid of the squeal but the 60 cycle hum in the amp is deafening. I have reversed the PI mod completely now and only have the cathode and coupling cap changes left as the components that are different than the standard circuit. I have never had this kind of hum in a 5E3 before, it's like Mitch Miller's whole group (now you know how old I am) at the PA. I am going to remove each cap change one at a time to see if they are causing the incredible hum but I've got a feeling the larger trannie centered on the same chassis holes is just to close to the PT of this amp to be quiet.  
As far as Dan is concerned, I know he has been really busy with his day job and also working on his chassis project. I got an email from him last week and all was well.

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