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Back panel shielding??

9/24/2003 2:32 AM
David P.
Back panel shielding??
Anyone tried shielding the top back panel covering the chassis?? Any difference??
9/24/2003 1:19 PM
Mike G.

I thought about this myself David. I was thinking of applying some conductive copper tape to the back of my panel, commonly used to shield guitar control cavities, available from Stew Mac. It's cheap and easy to apply, and truthfully, from a shielding standpoint, the amp really isn't shielded too well with that huge hole in the back. As far as to how much difference it would make, I guess it depends on your enviroment. 60 hz seems to be the biggest problem for guitarists in general. In the end, it sure wouldn't hurt any.  
My 0.02 worth.  
Mike G.
9/24/2003 1:42 PM
Al Lang

I did sheild the back of my 5E3 with window screen. I stapled it on very careful not to short anything out and that part of the screen touched the chassis to complete the ground. I really didn't notice any difference but my strat with single coils is not sheilded very well. I kind of like the feedback when I play. If you use the screen be careful to get 1/4" staples. Mikes way is much better. Al
9/24/2003 5:01 PM
Mike G.

Hey Al, I'm currently building my dream strat, 90% finished. I'll be shielding it with the conductive paint Stew Mac sells. It will be the best shielded guitar I have ever owned.  
BTW, how's the 6L6 mod coming along?
9/24/2003 5:41 PM
Al Lang

Order the parts from Mouser, will let you know. I'm doing the 6L6 conversion but I'm going to put in a DPDT toggle so I can flip the zener and 5K B+ resistor back so when I run 6V6's I'll have the correct voltages. I'm getting used to the different and crunchy distortion of the 6V6's, finding I can control it with my strat's volume knob. Will post the results. Weird thing happened last night, after playing at full volume for an hour the 5E3 started to cut in and out, then I had a much reduced volume at the amp. I switched the pre-amp tubes but still there, kind of intermittent. I never thought about the power tubes as they were new EH's that came with the kit. I had all the voltages, totally stumped. I swaped the 6V6's that came with the kit, sings like a bird now. One of the tubes went bad, so even a new tube that plays well for a week can go on you. Al
9/27/2003 9:10 PM
David P.

Well, I just got a piece of thin brass sheet metal from a friend who does metal work--he cut it to fit the chassis opening perfectly. I first thought of using just pressure of the screwed in wood but there will be some vibtaion rattling from this. Any suggestions on a silicone or other adhesive that would take the heat and dampen any vibration when this is attached to the back panel??
9/27/2003 10:15 PM
Al Lang

David, Yeah, attaching the bass plate to the back could be a problem. I don't think I would trust any glue although 3M has spray adhesive, stuff that formica countertops are done with. This stuff, sprayed on both surfaces and allowed to dry for a few minutes, till tacky, really holds well. Home Depot sells it, don't get the cheap stuff by Elmers, get 3M or better. Al
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