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Filament supply for 5Y3gt Rectifier

9/11/2003 1:51 AM
Filament supply for 5Y3gt Rectifier
OK guys... I have a problem. I used an old power transformer from another amp for my 5E3 project (first mistake). I just realized that the rectifier filament needs a 5 volt source (yes this is my first tube amp project). My power transformer does not have a tap for 5 volts. It has plenty of amperage on a 6.3 volt tap. Is there any trick to use the 6.3 volt tap to light up the rectifier filament? Thanks in advance for your abundant knowledge:)
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9/11/2003 4:15 PM

"Is there any trick to use the 6.3 volt tap to light up the rectifier filament?" - Don't know the answer to that one. It's hard to believe you have enough 6.3 volt capacity to throw some away in heat and still have an extra 2 amps for a 5Y3.  
Since you say you have enough current capacity, you could use a 6.3 volt rectifier tube, such as a 6CA4. Or you could go solid state(ugh).  
I'm sure the sound will be affected somewhat by whatever option you pick.  
A good question for Bruce to answer.  
Nelson Harrell
9/11/2003 4:31 PM
Another thought....
Get a 5-volt filament transformer like this one:  
Part # P-T166MS $10.90
9/11/2003 9:57 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: Filament supply for 5Y3gt Rectifier
No don't bother and it's not really a problem either!  
Just buy a WeberVST WY3 Copper Cap rectifier.  
Don't wire the tube socket for any filament leads.  
The Copper Cap rectifiers are really good solid state replacement rectifiers that do not need a filament voltage supply.  
You only need the high voltage secondaries on lugs 4 and 6 with a single wire from lug 8 for B+ to the filter caps.  
9/11/2003 10:10 PM

Thanks Bruce! I wanted to stay all tube, but the solid state rectifier may be the best choice with the power tranny I have. Thanks again for your input.
9/12/2003 4:24 PM
TD Madden

Plus with the CopperCaps you still get sag, unlike most other SS rectifiers.
9/12/2003 5:01 PM

how do those copper caps work anyway? how can you get sag with SS?

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