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Capacitor voltages

5/19/2002 5:27 PM
Capacitor voltages
Hi again...  
Putting my board together (still haven't figured out my PT wiring, but I'm going on a hunch, and wiring the two neutrals directly together).  
Anyways, the schematic/layout calls for a 22uf, 63v cap for the 6V6 cathode, but in my kit, I have no 63v cap, just an extra 50v, 22uf cap.  
Is this the one, or do I have the wrong capacitor?  
Thanks again,  
5/19/2002 7:24 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

No it's fine Darren.  
The 63v caps are getting hard to impossible to find.  
50v is overkill.  
I got lazy and didn't reprint all the enevelopes.  
The stock Fender 5E3 cap was only a 25v cap!  
5/19/2002 8:40 PM
Thanks, Bruce.  
I was pretty sure the neutral wasn't grounded to the chassis, but having this excellent board as a reference, figured I'd post the question. Same as the 50v cap....  
I like the idea of an unused rectifier lug as a terminal for the neutral wires, think I'll go that route.  
This is fun!  
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