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Hi..A question about my power t...

5/18/2002 6:19 PM
anonymous Hi..A question about my power t...
A question about my power transformer wiring...  
On the layout, it appears that the AC power cord ground (green) is attached to the chassis via a solder lug and the nearest PT bolt. Makes sense...  
Now in the layout, it appears that the neutral (white) wires also meet at another PT bolt (which would explain the second solder lug in the kit).  
Is this correct, or should the power cord neutral and the PT neutral be spliced directly together, isolated from the chassis?  
5/18/2002 6:22 PM
Oops! forgot subject: Power Xformer wiring
Got a bit ahead of myself....
5/19/2002 7:22 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
The extra lug is just incase one gets screwed up as it pretty important to use one on the green wire to one of the tranny bolts!  
Neutral wires should NOT be chassis grounded!!  
If you have the power tranny with the primary leads being black and white, the black wire from the power cord goes to the fuse holder tip lug, then a black lead from the side lug of the fuse holder to one of the lugs the on-off switch, then the black lead from the tranny goes to the other lug on the switch.  
If you have the power tranny with two black primary leads, you can use either one,... just remember which one is going to act as the white neutral lead.  
The white wire on the power cord goes to the white wire of the power tranny and is to be isolated from touching ground.  
Use a little piece of heat shrink tubing, if you have some, on the solder joint, otherwise good old electrical tap will be OK.  
I use one of the unused lugs on the rectifier tube socket as a terminal point to attach the two neutral wires.  
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