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5E3 Master Volume/Effects Loop Opinions

3/27/2002 2:48 AM
5E3 Master Volume/Effects Loop Opinions
I just completed Bruce's 5E3 kit and it sounds fantastic.  
Has anyone tried a master volume with this amp? What were your results? Does the MV pot take place of one of the volume controls ( I mostly use the bright channel)?  
Also, has anyone tried an effects loop?  
3/27/2002 1:06 PM

I am also interested in these options, I haven't started mine yet, I would like to incorperate these from the get go
3/27/2002 2:29 PM

Both of these topics were covered in the previous formum. If you access Tom's site at:  
Just scroll through and you will find scematics and a lot of discussion. The discussions start about 1/3 of the way down the page.  
Good luck!
3/27/2002 10:35 PM
Tom S.
archive of old forum available here
I meant to delete that page. Glad someone found a use for it.  
You can also download the entire original forum archive in Word format here:  
If anyone needs it in .txt format, lemme know.  

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