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5E3 Dimensions

3/24/2002 12:44 PM
5E3 Dimensions
Can anyone help me out with the dimensions for the 5E3, I have most of them (courtesy of Casey4s) however I need the "I J K L" for positioning the speaker on the baffle board. It doesnt look like it sits central but off to the LHS a bit
3/25/2002 2:07 PM
scott c.
its about 1.25 inches over and all the way down. the idea is to center the speaker magnet between the power and preamp tubes. if you need some drawings for the 5e3 cab let me know and i will send them to you.
3/26/2002 12:31 AM

thanks for your reply, and yes I would like to receive some drawings for the cabinet if you dont mind  
3/26/2002 10:25 AM
Francisco Peņa

Could you please send me those drawings too?  
I'm working on making scaled plans to make the cabinet.  
5/17/2002 2:10 PM

I'm a late-comer to this forum. If you still have the cabinet plans around, would you be able to send them to me? I'll glad cover any costs.  
3/28/2002 6:46 PM
Stephan Masica

Hi Scott,  
You were kind enough to send me copies of the 5E3 cab some time ago. Got a question about mounting the speaker baffle inside the cab.  
On P. 3 of the drawing, you show 2 Fascia strips, each 18 1/2" X 1 3/8" X 3/8". Are these the same 2 pieces shown on P. 1, bottom-middle of the page, side-view? Also, front-view, bottom-left of P. 1? They appear to be inset into the main box about 3/8", correct?  
Is the baffle board attached to these Fascia strips through the holes referred to on P. 1 and P. 3?  
Thanks for any clarification. Just want to be sure I understand before any 'wood-butchering'.  
Sensei says, "Wise carpenter measures twice; cuts once."  
Stephan Masica
4/1/2002 1:42 PM
scott c.
yes and yes, i used a router with a rabbiting bit to make the rabbit for the facia strips once the cab was glued up. this is the hard way, the easy way is to notch the top and bottom of the cab with a table saw, in this way the edges of the facia will be seen fromm the sides. i was planning to stain and clear coat my cab, but if you are going to put tweed covering it doesnt matter.
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