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Internally jumpered

3/23/2002 6:49 PM
Internally jumpered
Are the channels of the tweed deluxe internally jumpered? Or do you have to use a cord on the input jacks to Combine channels?  
3/23/2002 9:03 PM

A stock 5E3 isn't internally jumpered , you gotto use a cord .  
but ......  
there's much interaction , for a cool clean sound you can plug into the bright-channel , bright volume on 4 and then the un-used normal-channel's volume on 10 for a mid-dip .  
3/26/2002 6:46 AM

I was wanting to limit the amount of inputs. Maybe add a switch to go between channels.  
4/25/2002 1:14 AM

What I like to do is make this a single channel with one input. In the stock circuit you can just lift the cathode circuit on the unused channel to shut it off. Now when you use that volume control for tone stuff you wont get the noise of the unused channel. Even cooler is to put in a switch that switches the tone control circuit around to give you the choice of instrument or mic channels. Now you have both stock sounds with less noise with the flick of a switch. PaulC
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