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Single input jack question

3/21/2002 4:16 PM
Colin Brown
Single input jack question
Hi All:  
I have finished a 5e3 clone, with the following differences: .047 coupling caps to the output stage and right now I have it with a single input jack feeding both halves of the 12ay7,(thought I might try different voicings down the road) still using two volumes and single tone, Do I still need the 68k resistors feeding v1-2 and v1-7 from the input ?? My guitar has p90s and it seems like I'm hitting this real hard, massive volume at 2... any suggestions?? I have tried 33k resistors but I think I'm heading the wrong way!  
3/22/2002 3:43 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

First off... don't use both halves of the 12AY7 at the same.  
Try soldering a 180K to 390K resistor on the wiper (middle lug) of the volume controls right to ground.  
I assume you are splitting the cathodes on the 12AY7 for voicing so make the cathode bypass caps on one of the 12AY7s (the bright channel on my Soulkicker) is much smaller, like 2.2uF to 4.7uF.  
Also, no harm in trying .01uF to .047uF coupling caps to the volume controls.  
Remove the 1M grid load on the second stage of the 12AX7 and make it smaller, try 220K to 390K for a start.  
3/22/2002 7:30 PM
Colin Brown

Thanks Bruce:  
Yes I am voicing the two halves differently, 1uf / 2k7 on the bright channel and 22uf / 1k5 on the "normal" channel. I'll try the resistors from the wipers tonite. I'm using .047uf coupling caps to both vol pots, but I think I'll try a smaller value on the bright channel..  
What does changing the 1M grid load on the 12ax7's second stage do? Wait ... I'll try it and see.  
Thanks Again  

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