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Any Canadian 5E3 builders??

3/21/2002 3:35 AM
Darren Burt
Any Canadian 5E3 builders??
Hey all...  
Looking to build my first amp. Thought about the AX84 P1, but now I'm thinking a 5E3. Both seem within my scope of ability, but I'd find more use from the Deluxe (it being more powerful).  
I'm looking for a good source of parts (or, even better, a kit) in Canada. Most kits I've seen come from the States.....  
3/21/2002 3:51 AM
Sean Kilback

hi Darren,  
I don't know of any kit suppliers in Canada and all parts suppliers for tubes, speakers, and specialty parts charge way more than US dealers (including the exchange)...I'm not sure why.  
I buy from WeberVST and MojoTone directly.  
Where are you located?  
3/21/2002 5:16 AM
Interesting!Thanks for the tip, Sean.  
I'm way out in Southeastern BC (near Invermere). The closest big centre is Calgary.....  
I may wind up using an American kit or parts source, I guess.  
3/23/2002 9:02 AM
Sean Kilback
Try Electrosonic!
I forgot...various locations across Canada...  
Good luck!  
4/15/2002 2:58 PM
Re: Any Canadian 5E3 builders??
Check out Walker Amps... they sell kits...and are located in Canada.  
/ frankenstein
4/24/2002 5:03 AM
Darren Burt
Taking the plunge!
Thanks, everyone.  
After a little research, I think my best bet is Bruce at Mission Amps. Just e-mailed hom regarding getting his kit to Canada......Bruce, if you're reading this, that no-subject 'RE:' email is me.....  
No doubt I'll be pestering you all for advice soon....:)  
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