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3/20/2002 5:57 PM
Tom Maszerowski
I've been looking around and while a lot of folks talk (and post pictures) about building their own, most of them concentrate on the electronics, not the cabinets. I'm willing to assemble my own, if I can, and apply the tweed but I'm no workworker. Is there a source for assemble/sand/finish cabinets? Thanks, this is a great resource.
3/20/2002 7:10 PM

There are several places to go for cabinets if you do not want to build one from scratch. I bought mine from Armadillo Amp Works. It was flawless. You can buy a bare cabinet for $115, or get one with tweed and all of the hardware for $260. For me, it was the best money I ever spent. Some people love to build the cabinets, and more power to them, but if you every saw the toolbox I made in Junior High School you would know I am better off buying. If you do it yourself plan on spending many, many hours getting it right without a meaningful price savings. You can call Will at Armadillo at (512) 285-4888 or visit his website at  
Good luck.
3/21/2002 5:04 AM

I got 2 deluxe tweed cabs from Will recently and they are works of art. Don't expect a rapid delivery however. It's worth the wait and Will was great with me. They shipped when he said they would ship. / frankenstein
3/21/2002 6:57 PM

I was thinking along the lines of pre-cut wood that I could assemble and glue, but I haven't seen anything like that anywhere yet (I don't own a lot of woodworking tools and never will). Will's prices for the bare cabinets seems reasonable so he's definitely on the short list.
3/22/2002 5:36 AM
Brian Stear

I don't know if Mike at Clark amps is still offering it or not.....  
He had a web special on a bare cab for $90 awhile back. He also does great work.
3/22/2002 4:29 PM

He doesn't seem to be offering cabinets at the moment, but I picked up a SS chassis for $45 (no silkscreening). I've been having so much finding things, I wonder if I'll still be happy once I'm done.
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