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Speakers .. what do YOU like ?

3/18/2002 6:58 PM
Speakers .. what do YOU like ?
I just finished a 5E3 and put an Jensen '59 P12R (out of an organ) into it. It seems JUST FINE...I think it will hold up OK.  
I am building another that will have a Weber P12N in it. I a/b'd the two and there was no signifigant difference in the sence that one was 'better' than the other... they were different... but both VERY good.  
I've seen where some people like the C12N...even the reissue Jensen.  
I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's done a lot of testing to see what they have to say.  
/ frankenstein
3/18/2002 9:21 PM

I like the Jensen's for clean tone and the Weber Blue-dog (p12bt) But for running a distorted preamp thru it I like the Celestion Vintage 30.,  
3/18/2002 9:54 PM

I have tried the following:  
1. One Webber Blue Dog, sounds great. Very compressed and deep without crapping out (after being broken in). Very textured.  
2. Two Blue dogs. Still sounds good, although I liked the single Blue Dog better. This is probably because I was using two 8ohm speakers, which created an impedence mismatch.  
3. Two 16 ohm Celestion G1275 ceramic speakers. Less breakup, lots of volume. Sounded good but not nearly as sweet and compressed.  
I just got in a 15 inch webber Ceramic but have not yet hooked it up. I have a sealed cabinet with a cheap speaker in it and I am going to try the webber and see how is sounds. I will let you know.
3/19/2002 8:51 PM

Great info you guys. Just what I was after. I also am partial to a bit less bass as I'm a rythem player with limited lead skills. The Blue Dog's reduced bass could be a great way to keep the compression but cut the bass a little. I'm interested in how that 15" sounds also.  
I wonder how long this Jensen P12R will last. Just reviewed G. Weber's books and he's suggesting that they blow real easy. Ugggg !$#@!  
Thanks guys.  
/ frankenstein
3/19/2002 9:52 PM

I'm no Gerald Weber fan but I have to say this time I agree with him and have the evidence to back it up. Damn I new I shouldn't have hooked that MACE up to it :D  
3/21/2002 3:38 AM
Sean Kilback

Well, I've got a WeberVST P12Q in mine and I like it. It sounds great, nice and clear and direct at lower volumes, and totally crunches up at higher levels.  
I've also played it through a Weber California 15 with paper cap and it sounded fantastic too.  
3/21/2002 3:09 PM

The 15" I referred to in my earlier email was a Webber California. I just hooked it up last night. It sounds good. It is a different sound. Cleaner, less compressed and, obviously, deeper. I also hooked up the amp with the 6L6s/solid state rectifier using the Weber Blue Dog in one jack and the California 15" in the other. Great sound. Very powerful. I think it would be a good amp to jam with since it is so large. The only problem is that I am using two 8 ohm speakers. Together they are 4 ohms, which is a mismatch. If anyone knows a way around that (outside of buying new speakers), let me know.  
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