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Cathode Bias / Fixed Bias Switch

3/15/2002 2:53 PM
Dave B.
Cathode Bias / Fixed Bias Switch
I'm in the process of building a tweed deluxe sort of amp. I also love the sound of the brown princton  
which is almost identical but with fixed bias.  
Has anyone tried bias switching on a tweed deluxe  
? Any preferences?  
3/15/2002 3:46 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

I have.  
IMHO, in this 5E3 circuit, I think the cathode bias sounds the best... plus the B+ voltage rises about 20vdc when you switch to fixed bias.  
The brownface Princeton has:  
1.) fixed bias...  
2.) a totally different volume control  
3.) a single channel (no interactive volume pots)  
4.) vibrato/trem  
all four of which completely changes the way the amp sounds and feels when being played!  
It's a great sound, as is the brownface Deluxe, but they are different amps.  
3/15/2002 3:50 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Forgot the other thing!!
5.) The Princeton (along with the brownface Deluxe) also has negative feedback!!  

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