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Tweedy Deluxe Schematic

3/15/2002 2:47 PM
Dave B.
Tweedy Deluxe Schematic
I've seen the Tweedy Deluxe Schematic posted before  
but didn't save it. Could someone please point me to it? I liked it because it had the voltages on it.  
3/15/2002 7:56 PM
scott c.
bruce collins had a site with the layout and some good pics of the kit. could someone hookup a link from this page?
3/15/2002 9:43 PM
Tom S.

Go to the deluxe homepage at From there click on the build page, you'll see the schematic, layout, and other useful stuff.  
PS. It's also mirrored at
3/15/2002 11:47 PM
Dave B.

Thanks Very much  
3/16/2002 5:49 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Schematic and other stuff
I don't where the schematic with all the voltages went!  
Here's where I hide some of my pictures and art work:  
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