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Trannie choices

3/13/2002 9:37 PM
Steve Jones
Trannie choices
I'm trying to pick an appropriate power trannie for my 5E3 project. Scouring the web and different posts I've seen everything from 275-0-275 90MA to 360-0-360 150MA recommended for a 5E3.  
Assuming a stock power supply circuit (5Y3, etc.), what are the best transformer ratings to be looking for? Is there a suitable Hammond trannie? Is the Hammond 270EX a good choice (275-0-275, 125MA) or is that voltage too low?  
I'm also trying to pick the OT. Is the Hammond 1650F a good choice? My preference on an OT is to have both a 4 ohm and an 8 ohm output (not just an 8). Any recommendations appreciated.  
Thanks for any help,  
Steve Jones
3/15/2002 7:53 AM
steve, there are already separate threads on the OT and PT in teh guitar amps section. to save you from a dual post, look there
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