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Great kit Bruce! Any ideas on adding reverb?

3/11/2002 2:57 AM
Rockin' Daddy
Great kit Bruce! Any ideas on adding reverb?
Really like this Tweedy Deluxe, great amp for medium to low volume gigs.  
I've been thinking about reverb. Would it be difficult to add a simple BF style internal reverb. I expect the unit would be something mounted outside the tweed chassis. Maybe on the side, inside of the cabinet. Just curious mostly.
3/11/2002 4:24 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

I'm working on 5E3 type amp with reverb circuit now.  
3/15/2002 3:59 AM
Blues Lyne

I had posted about this on the amp forum, but I think it's probably scroll off of there by now. This isn't a BF style reverb, but...  
Check out a schematic of a Gibson Falcon GA-19RVT. It is in the Pittman and Weber book if you have one of them. The Falcon is similar to a tweed Deluxe, but has reverb, tremolo and a line out tapped off of the speaker jack. The reverb and tremolo sound great. Seems like it could be added to a tweed deluxe fairly easily. Although I've never tried because I have a tweed falcon.  
The schematic is on the net, but I can't seem link directly to it. If you don't have either of the books mentioned above, let me know and I will look it up and tell you how to find it on the net.  
Actually the Gibson Falcon would be a great amp to homebrew. They use 6eu7's (low noise 12ax7's that run on 6v instead of 12v), a 7199 for the reverb and 2 6V6's. I've never tried one side by side with a tweed deluxe, but I'm sure it's in the same catagory.  

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