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Re: Royce'sAmpDesign#2 ?

3/16/2002 5:09 AM
Re: Royce'sAmpDesign#2 ?
Hey Chris,  
Thanks so much for saying that. We were both delighted to read your post. Royce has actually made more amp designs than me over the past couple years. We've built a couple that I've gigged with.  
One had two 6550s and a Chinese lantern coming out of the top, and another was a champ cabinet with a little light show in the place of a speaker. I still take that one to gigs occasionally. I was going to put one of those up, but he decided to make a new improved version of the first one just for you. He drew this a couple days ago, but my scanner wasn't hooked up til today. So here it is:  
I have no idea why but a lot of his amps include some kind of weather instrumentation.
3/17/2002 10:49 AM
paging Royce
Hi Royce ( and Woody ) !  
Many , many thanks for your new design . Do you use weather instrumentation so the guitarplayer will know something about the weather ? I'd love to see the light show amp .  
I did print your new design and did put it on the wall in the livingroom .  
Driebergen , The Netherlands
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