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5E3 low end

3/10/2002 10:29 PM
5E3 low end
I found the stock 5E3 circuit had way more low end than my other amps. I ended up cutting all the coupling caps to .02u and I still have to keep the treble up.  
The only thing different about my setup is that I don't have the right speaker. Does the stock speaker just have a real poor low end?
3/11/2002 2:02 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

That's because, with a true tweed single tone control, you can never really turn the bass up or down!  
All you can do is add more treble across the volume pot with the tone control way up for more brightness-treble and upper midrange, or, roll some of the treble to ground with the tone pot set very low, when you want some of the treble off and are looking for a muddier tone.  
Although not the same values, my Soulkicker amps are set up more like what you are doing.  
The original P12Q has a very nice bottom end and I like the WeberVST P12B quite a bit.  
A bone stock reissue Jensen C12N sounds pretty darn good too.  
A well broken in (forced or not) reissue Jensen C12Q sounds good and with shipping, cost less then $50.00 just about every where nowadays.  
3/11/2002 10:18 AM

Hi Woody  
For voicing/de-farting I did use smaller cathode-bypass-caps ( something like 4u7s , from top of my head , too many other circuit tweakings over here :) ) .  
3/12/2002 12:17 AM

I hate to say this since I know its historic and all, but I'm coming to the opinion that there are a couple of mods that really significantly improve the 5E3. Any manner of tweaking out some of the low end is one of them. Chris, the bypass cap adjustment seems like an even better approach than fooling with coupling caps, and 4.7u seems like a good ballpark.  
Bruce, I would argue that the Weber P12B has a similar effect, not because its particularly weak in the low end, but because it has some kind of pronounced high freq thing going on. I'll bet that does make it a real good match for a stock 5E3. I used to have one, and I still have a couple Weber P10Ns which are real similar.
3/12/2002 10:34 PM
Tom S.

Funny you should ask. This weekend I started a page on applying and fitting tweed. It's not really done yet, nor is it linked to the main site, but you can take a peek at it on my mirror site. Once refined, I will post it to the main Ampage site.  
I've had this pix since last may, when I covered my tweedy, but never got around to posting them.  
The url is  
Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.  
3/12/2002 10:35 PM
Tom S.

oops, posted to the wrong thread. Doh!!
3/13/2002 6:02 PM
Royce'sAmpDesign#2 ?
Hi Woody  
I wasn't too clear : I also did use smaller coupling-caps . Just try some smaller cathode-bypass-caps .  
Ps I really did like Royce's amp-drawing you did post some time ago !  
Have a good & rockin' time !  
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