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Applying and FittingTweed

3/9/2002 6:33 PM
Jason A
Applying and FittingTweed
What a cool forum!  
Last night I started cutting the Tweed to fit the rear panels. OK, I have never been an upholsterer, and this is not an easy thing to do. Here is what I started to do--I don't know whether it is the absolute best plan of attack. I placed the wood panels on the floor and traced the panel outline using a nice fat carpenter's pencil with soft graphite on the unfinished [no stain or coating] tweed. After tracing, I cut enough tweed for a 1.5 inch overlap on all four sides of each panel. I did this for both panels. Then for the curved edge on the bottom panel, I followed the countour using a pair of Electrician's scissors [these cut striaght and leave a crisp edge--though they take a bit longer than a razor they do a nicer job IMO]. Anyway, accounting for the curvature, I cut clits perpendicular to the radius [a total of about 4 slits for each radius--there are 2 radii] and these slits allowed me to fold the fabric over the panel curve. So far, they look OK--not the absolute best, but they work pretty well [no worse than the DR cabinet]. For the top panel [which hides the chassis interior], I cut a piece that gives a bit more overlap--about 1.5 inches. Near the two ovals be careful not to leave too much overlap. Anyway, to cut these ovals, using a razor/box cutter I cut a long slit parallel to the straight edges of each oval in the direct center of each oval. When I hit the areas of where each radius starts for the ovals, I then cut slits perpendicular to this slit from top to bottom so the fabric can be folded neatly. At this point, you can then fold the tweed along the top and bottom of each oval's striaght edge. For the radii, you can make a few slits perpendicular to the radius along a few different points so the fabric can be folded over the curve. They seem to follow the curve pretty well. A bit of a tip here: I used those black springy metal paper clips with the folding handles to hold the tweed to the panel so I can get a pretty good idea of the fit and ease of construction.  
However, after all this, I do have a couple of questions. When I go to apply adhesive, how do you keep the fabric form moving around--what makes a good clamp to keep the fabric in place? Also, I have not gotten to the cabinet yet. What is the best way to keep the tweed uniform on the mounting strips in the back of the cabinet when applying adhesive [where the panels screw into]?  
3/9/2002 9:28 PM
Tom S.

Sounds like you're well on your way, Jason.  
For the cutout around the control panel I cut a vee at the center of the curve and slipped a piece of tweed underneath. I think this is SOP.  
As for the cleats that the panels screw into, I mistakenly didnt cover mine. I realize that I probably should've.  
Regarding keeping the tweed in place while gluing, I didn't have any problem keeping it in place once the contact cement was applied. Use a roller to apply pressure to all areas. I just beared down on a piece of broom handle--not elegant, but it worked.  
I also used a utility knife or single-edged razor blade to trim the excess once applied as I wasn't as careful about cutting out the pieces beforehand.  
All in all, I was quite pleased with how mine turned out--not perfect, but pretty darned good, imo, especially for a first effort.  
3/12/2002 2:33 PM
scott c.
what adhesive did you use?
3/12/2002 11:18 PM
Tom S.

Funny you should ask. This weekend I started a page on applying and fitting tweed. It's not really done yet, nor is it linked to the main site, but you can take a peek at it on my mirror site. Once refined, I will post it to the main Ampage site.  
I've had this pix since last may, when I covered my tweedy, but never got around to posting them.  
The url is  
Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.  
3/14/2002 2:32 AM

great job on your page regarding fitting tweed!I discovered your 5E3 page ages ago and have been regularly going back to it to see if the "update" on "applying the dreaded tweed" had been completed.  
I am secretly building a 5E3 under the disguise of the BFDR that I am "openly" building! (The missus just doesn't understand these things!) So far I have made the board and had the cabinet built. I have stalled on the chasis and trannies...especially the trannies they are going to cost me an arm and a leg to get them here in Australia, anyway I think this forum is terrific,I am looking forward to reading all sorts of posts cheers  
3/14/2002 3:06 AM
Tom S.

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I was so slow in doing the tweed page. Eventually it will be refined.  
I intend to break it up over several pages so it wont take so darn long for dialups to get the first page--must be a pain for those ppl.  
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