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Louie Sheldon's "Nashville Guitars"

2/21/2001 6:15 PM
Louie Sheldon's "Nashville Guitars"
Found this in a cut-out section at the local CD shop.  
This album is a must have for anybody that wants a superb representation of what Nashville has to offer. There's a few vetrans as well as some unknowns on there. I've been listening to it constantly for a few weeks now and am totally blown away.  
All instrumental tele twangin' with maybe a strat or two thrown in.  
Ray Flacke  
Dug Reives  
Kerry Marx  
Johnny Hiland  
Boomer Castleman  
Jim Olander  
Louie Sheldon  
and more...  
Lots of hot pickin' on this one... the best 6 bucks I've spent in a long time.  

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