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Re: Is Santana really a stoner?

2/22/2001 2:51 PM
Re: Is Santana really a stoner?
Hey, there never has been anyt proof that Cannabis Sativa/Indica is harmful in any way... even when the gubbamint was doing their hearings to make it illegal, the FDA said "ther eis no medical reason that it should be illegal"... of course today, we have all these artificially creat3ed stats etc that will disagree... If you actually look back and really look into what caused MJ to be illegal, you will see it was more socio-economically sparked (with a touch of racism involved as well)
2/22/2001 2:59 PM
ed guidry

Any substance you burn and inhale into the lungs is harmful, and contains carcinogens.  
As for pot's effects, I can only speak from experience, but it definitely affects short-term memory, and mental sharpness. There's a reason "stoners" are characterized the way they are.
2/23/2001 5:50 AM
John Fisher

After very extensive use I got real lathargic, my brain became dull and I stopped having dreams.  
John Fisher
2/23/2001 9:36 AM
Steve A.
Short-term memory loss vs long-time effects
There's a reason "stoners" are characterized the way they are.  
    The people who are still smoking that shit after 20 or 30 years are usually pretty messed up by now... very insidious how it makes you content with everything and you have no ambition to change anything about your life. You might not talk or act like a stereotypical stoner but I doubt if you are really living up to your potential.  
    But I will not begrudge the Native Americans their decision to use some of these natural drugs in their religious ceremonies. Or medicinal marijuana when it is needed for some condition. Or even the musicians that need a joint for inspiration before a gig.  
    But people who say that it is no worse than alcohol... well, they might as well say that it is no worse than strychnine! Both alcohol and weed are drugs... excuse me for my self-righteous rant but all of that shit is bad for your body and your mind. Maybe someone needs it right now as a crutch to make their life more bearable but I hope to God that they someday move on past drugs.  
    I saw Carlos when he toured with McLaughlin in the 70's and he was so blissed out that he could not talk coherently between the songs... I assumed that he had stopped using drugs and just figured that anyone who moves on past drugs never goes back. Guess I was wrong.   :(    
    But I'm not as middle-America as Nancy Reagan... ("Just Say No!") I vote for a post-drug consciousness... and if people can get to that place without ever having used drugs, so much the better for them. We can't just go back to the world of "Happy Days" and "American Bandstand" or all of those hippies in the 60's burned out their brain cells for nothing.   :D    
--Thanks for your post and sorry about the rant!  
Steve "Weed-free since 1979" Ahola  
P.S. "Alcohol-free since 1987"  
P.P.S. "Boring as hell ever since"   ;)  
2/23/2001 1:02 PM
Steve, the differnce is alcohol IS a poison thats why you feel drunk. Pot is NOT a poison and has proven healing effects and will not kill you.  
Drinking and or smoking pot every now and then "I" do not think is bad but, every day Id worry.  
Your drinking and smoking may have been a crutch and Im happy you stoped. This may be You and lots of other popele too but, Not everybody.  
I do think you are being a little self-righteous.  
I know alot of pot smokers that have smoked for years and thair far from burn't out and unmotivated or lack ambition but, are very sucsesful and continue to be.
2/23/2001 2:59 PM

I have one thing to say about pot being 'bad for you'... anything can be bad for you if it's an ongoing escapeism. Whether it be pot, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, LSD, sex, food, porn, the INTERNET. .. if any of htose become a 'demon' in your life, then they are bad for you... I've seen both ends of things... Some of the most successful people I know casually toke up, then again, I've seen people uder the age of 30 dead fromthe abuse they put on their body (not pot, but coke, and any other speed they could get their hands on). I feel if a casual use dont keep you from day to day activities, and it lowers stress/bloodpressure/relaxes you a bit, then go for it (same reason some guys have a drink when they come home from work). For those of you who found it to be a 'demon' in your life, and you got off of it, my hats off to you! Congratulations and all that...  
Yes, it was the paper companies who pushed for the criminalizaton of it, and the movie 'reefer maddness' didn't help any. They really helped their crusade along by playing the racism card-- you have to realize, when this was going on, the various Indians, hispanics and blacks (if i'm politically incorrect, no malice intended), were thought of as evil, rapists, and out and out trash, and of course, the paper companies etc used this to their advantage "see, the blacks and hispanics smoke weed... they are evil, so it must be evil" type mentality.  
"rebel "smoke-em if you got-em" 420"
2/23/2001 4:32 PM
Pot isn't a poison? Are you saying that there are no toxic products such as carbon monoxide that are inhaled with the THC?  
Look, I agree with some people's assessment that pot isn't as dangerous in some instances (say, like driving) as alcohol, but that doesn't make it the benevolent, wonderful thing some people say it is. It befuddles the brain, and long-term use is harmful.  
Just because it is "natural" doesn't make it any less harmful. There are lots of harmful compounds, such as opiates, strychnine, etc., which are naturally occurring in plants. Stoners keep bring up the "...but it's natural, man,..." argument, which is a false argument. Alcohol is generated through a naturally occurring process, the process of fermentation. Doesn't make it any less dangerous.  
Sure, there may be no problem with smoking up a spliff once in a while, but in my experience, once I got started, I started to crave it every day. I don't believe that shit that it is not addictive. I know others who say "I can quit anytime I want."  
Well, they were saying that shit 10 years ago.
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