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Santana Feedback

2/20/2001 2:42 AM
Santana Feedback
Anybody remember California Jam (was it 1 or 2??)?  
Anyway, there's a part where Carlos goes to hit a note and get feedback but instead of facing the amp or anything - he grabs the mic and puts it to his guitar - facing the strings.  
Now tell me, he was trying to get feedback through the PA right? Why else would he do that?  
Also, it didn't work, so he put the mic back and carried on.  
Anyone remember that?
2/20/2001 5:49 AM

Before anyone replies to this, I would just like to point out that Santana has smoked more herb than all the Ampagers in history collectively have smoked.  
Granted there were two years of my life where I was in serious competition with Carlos, Cheech, Chong, and Woody. I am refering to Carlos's lifetime sum of THC intake, not just this year in particular.  
I offer that as an explanation for the mic grabbing incident.  
PS, I am not flaming his playing in any way. I am just saying that Santana is to pot what Warren Zevon is to alcohol.  
2/20/2001 9:41 PM

Pretty funny Victor.  
But I swear that there was an earlier (video) cut to Santana that showed him getting sustain and the mic was right to the guitar!  
Of course, I come from Hawaii.... so I cannot really talk about herb ! :-)
2/21/2001 9:46 PM
Sonic Bloom
Is Santana really a stoner?
How do you know this about Carlos Santana? I've never heard that he was a pothead before. I always assumed that he stopped using drugs (illegal ones, anyway) once he joined up with the guru Sri Chinmoy in the 70's, and that he has been a relatively clean-living guy ever since. (Also, I believe Santana considers himself to be a Christian these days.) I know from interviews that Carlos claims to have conversations with the spirits of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and Billy Graham (the rock promoter, not the evangelist), but I figured these experiences were assisted via some sort of meditative trance. But now you have me wondering...  
BTW, who's Woody?
2/21/2001 11:36 PM

Woody = Woody Harrolson? (guy from cheers and Whit men can't jump). He was big into the legalization movement in the late 90's.  
While I am not for the immediate legalization of MJ, I do support te de-criminalization of small quanities. This means that you are fined and the pot is confiscated (like a violation) rather than being a criminal and getting arrested for a dime bag. De-criminalization of MJ exists in 9 or 10 states already. Fines and quantity details vary from state to state.  
Legalization would require a carefully organized infastructure before it cauld be implemented. This is not something the potheads seem capable of and will require govt or private facilitation.  
I am aware of two instances within the last 10 years that Carlos has been busted at the Mexi border. The only reference I can find at this point to his arrest is at  
Which refers to his 1991 arrest in Houston.  
Well, TTFN  
2/21/2001 11:42 PM

Yep, pretty strange laws in australia as well. Every other state in Oz except for Canberra it's illegal. However in Canberra it's legal to grow and use it for your own personal use, but you can't sell it.  
Funny that all of the pollitions live and work in Canberra :)  
2/22/2001 1:19 PM

I've read quite a few interviews with Santana where he speaks of MJ as something almost sacred. There's one in which he even says something like "every musican should at least try it"...

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