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Re: Guitar,amp,cab Tolal cost $660. Why spend more?

2/18/2001 11:38 AM
Re: Guitar,amp,cab Tolal cost $660. Why spend more?
Why spend more?  
Because AC/30's reissues cost about $1500  
Because G&L's cost around $700  
Because an amp stand costs around $40  
Because a road case costs around $200  
Because a guitar cable costs around $25  
Because a 10 pack of 10 g strings costs $50  
Because a guitar stand costs $25  
Because a backup guitar costs $200 (strat-imit?)  
Thats about $2700 - $2800  
Sovtek, KMD, and Fender come real close... I just got real tired of playing on mid grade equipment over the years. I agree that the mig50 is a decent sounding amp. I even used a modded mig60 for a while. Then I plugged into a Trainwreck. I can never go back. I own three amps now, two AC/30's and a Marshall JPM50 combo. I have 3 guitars, a 75LP, a 93 G&L Legacy, and a 96 G&L ASAT.  
I admit it is a luxury to have a setup I can gig with and bring to a studio when I record.  
When you play for a living, I think you will agree that investing in good equipment is worthwile. If you jam on the weekends or gig once a month at an open-mic, a Squire/Sovtek combo is fine.  
Have fun  
2/19/2001 5:46 PM
Sideways Jaye

The only thing that's really important is what sounds good to you and works for you. If you have the cash and want to spend it cool. If you get a kick out of going budget, that's cool too as long as your gear does what you need it to do. There are great cd's made with basic gear and great cd's made with boutique gear, as well.  
Like Victor, I'm somewhere in the middle. A standard strat doesn't do it for me, but I don't need a Custom Shop strat or an Anderson to be happy. A Hot Rod Deville isn't my cup of tea, but I'm happy with my SFDR and don't lust after a blackface (okay, not too bad, anyway).  
If I see a player with very expensive gear, it doesn't make me envious or make me think less of long as they play well and don't talk about the gear as if it's an end in itself.

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