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Re: Neil Young on Rock Line

2/6/2001 6:58 AM
Re: Neil Young on Rock Line
the important thing is how does the player feel about his tone.if it sounds good to him or her it will inspire a great far as line 6 iknow some younger guys using them but they notice the thin cold stiff mistake line 6 has some decent sounds.but wait till the damn things break,then what??? more of that 80s crap that i blew my money on, when i should have just bought the old marshall and fender so on.i will take my ancient 6v6 amps anyday because they are fat and warm and thick and sound soothing,no listening cant say that with most mass produced amps.
2/6/2001 11:40 PM

"Anyway, she claims that the human mind was programmed to hear "white noise" as a normal part of life, there just needs to be something in the background, even if it's barely audible"
I've got my own, it's called ringing ears :D  
"I listen to Floyd, and why I think that the tape of DSOTM is more fun to listen to than the CCD is beyond me"
I know that the CD is different to the album. I noticed this when I tried that DSOTM and wizard of oz (what a spin out that is). But I think it's more in the quality of the recording and remastering than CD/album.  
I've got some CD's I think sound way better than the albums, but in the same instance some of the CD's haven't been remastered properly, some not even mixed correctly (listen to those early DIO CD's - last in line etc). Fucken aweful. I think that's why CD's got the bad wrap  
2/7/2001 2:41 PM

if you want to hear a dramatic differance listen to derick and the dominos live on vinyl and compair it to the new remastered cd, i prefer the vinyl, the organ is more prominant. cd's and vinyl each have there place, i can't bring records in my car and play em. when i'm at home i like to listen to records, plus its really nice that people dont want their record collections anymore and if they find out you like records they'll sometimes give you their record collection and player. ive recieved 3 free players, and alot of records.  
so i got that goin' for me, which is nice. :)
2/6/2001 12:01 AM
Steve F
It'll be interesting to hear what kind of  
improvements are obtained when higher sampling  
rates and bit depths replace the CD standard.  
The theory that you can adequately describe a waveform with a sample rate of twice the frequency always sounded like a compromise.  
Maybe the reason CD's sound harsh to some people  
is that they still have the upper range of their  
hearing and are listening to the "approximated"  
high end reconstructed from 44.1 khz sampling.  
This is not a problem to me as my ears crapped  
out years ago. :)  
Steve F
2/6/2001 6:44 AM

That's a real good point... I'd like to hear the sampling rate maybe 10x what it is now, and then the differences may not be as noticeable... I like to compare the sampling to video... Look at the old silent movies compared to what you see today... the movenments are REAL choppy, whereas today, well, we dont see the individual frames ;)  
As for loss of high frequency hearing... I have a bit of a loss in one ear myself, and to be honest, MP3's hurt my ears... yet, take a MP3 ripped to cd, and play it in the car where the road noise maskes it out and it's not AS painful for me ;)
2/8/2001 2:39 AM
Steve F

I find that it helps if I sing along, too! Now  
that's road noise.... ;)  
2/5/2001 3:27 PM
Any wonder NY can't play; he can't hear.
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