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Neil Young on Rock Line

2/5/2001 8:02 AM
Neil Young on Rock Line
Did anybody listen to Neil Young on Rock Line a week or two ago? He sure hates the compact disk doesn't he! For all intents and purposes, rock and roll died when the last vinyl LP was pressed" I was laughing my ass off! Not because I disagree, just at what a bold statement that was. He went on a tirade about how bad CD's sound "sonicly".  
Just wondering if ampagers have any opinions or comments.  
Take care, Jered
2/5/2001 2:43 PM
Dave Rich

Just for laughs I put on some of my old vinyl albums a while back. I couldn't believe how bad they sounded, scratchy,thin and no dynamics.  
Maybe the original master played on a megabuck system does sound pretty good, but for the great unwashed masses CD is better IMHO.  
Dave Rich
2/5/2001 4:23 PM

See, I har the opposite effect... when I listen to vinyl, i hear things that I cant on the CD ... mybe it's the remastering, I dont know... what really annoys me about CD's is that the high end is too harsh for my tastes.  
Vinyl doesn't sound thin and wth no dynamics to me, and i'm not talking a multi-thousand $$ mega system here.... I would say your phon pryamp is not doing he proper job of the RIAA eq ;)  
My system:  
Vector Research SS tuner/amp -- $25  
JBL Speakers (12" driver nto sure about hte mid and horn, just know they are in solid oak cabinets) -$25  
Pioneer CD player I bought in '88 for $100  
Fisher tape deck $-- 2 packs of guitar strings ;)  
Technics Turntable -- $5 + shipping  
Cartrige $20 Best Buy special *laugh*  
I"m tlaking a veyr cheap system, with average consumer grade , and the tone form vinyl that has been taken care of is incredible... as for soudnign scratchy, a LOT of that deals with tatic... a bit of discwasher solution (alcohol/water mix) does wonders
2/5/2001 7:48 PM

Hey Rebel, I have to say I agree. I was once talking to a woman that runs a "music store," sells nothing but records by classic bands. The only CD's she stocks are of local bands and promos for free. I was asking her about her records for sale, and she says that she previews each one before she sells it to make sure it works great. Anyway, she claims that the human mind was programmed to hear "white noise" as a normal part of life, there just needs to be something in the background, even if it's barely audible. I do know that I would much rather listen to a cassette through headphones rather than a CD, the CD is just missing some of the nuances and squeaks that should come out in a recording. I listen to Floyd, and why I think that the tape of DSOTM is more fun to listen to than the CCD is beyond me; I do know that they're not as perfectionist as people like to say they are. The tae has some good little quirks, as does the import record I have. Too bad I don't have a record player and my tape is all chewed up. Oh well, back to the CD again I guess. Justin
2/5/2001 8:38 PM

"Too bad I don't have a record player and my tape is all chewed up."
looks like you'll have to just send me the record ;) *laugh*  
What I think is funny, are the people who think CD's are better than records, yet wouldnt be caught dead plyaing a modelling amp ;) sounds like the same thing to me ;)
2/5/2001 11:31 PM

rebel thats an excellent comparison,i still think these modeling amps are a joke though ,everything is too calculated IMO
2/6/2001 6:41 AM

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE tube amps... but to be honest, the general masses really couldnt hear the difference... add in the influence of other instruments + the noise of a crowded barrroom, and nobody will hear the difference.. AND when recording, and putting the music to CD, and worse yet, MP3, the subtleties between a modeled amp and the real thing would be lost completely.... Then again, 90% or more of the people out there dont care if you are playing a Line6, or an original tweed bassman, all they care about is that they know the song you are playing... and if you cant make it sound like the song by your playing, all the tone in the world wont save you.... I'd also venture to say, that in a small bar/club, that the audience woudl be MORE receptive to the Line6 over the Bassman-- it wont be as loud, and they can talk to whomever more comfortably... With that said, I still like my tube amps ;)
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