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Re: Question for Pumpstein

2/5/2001 6:52 AM
anonymous Re: Question for Pumpstein
Hmmm. Interesting. First, let's acknowledge supply and demand - which is somewhat affected by location. There may be many good deals on spinet Hammonds in one region, but another might be more or less picked-over. That said...  
The M3 is a great Hammond to have around. It has many of the features associated with the classic B-3 sound, but not presented always in the same way. Let's start by defining the classic B-3 features:  
2 - 61-note manuals, each w/2 - sets of drawbars  
12 reverse-color preset keys  
25-note pedalboard  
Expression pedal  
Scanner Vibrato  
Tonewheel signal source  
Open Stand cabinet style  
..and those of the other models in the 'B-3 Family', the C-3 and the A-100.  
The B-3 was the commercial version, the C-3 was the Church version, and the A-100 was the Home version. They all had basically the same guts, but the A-100 had internal power amps/2x12" speakers, featured reverb (these have a small reverb amp/8" spkr), and had a more mod cabinet design, for suburban living rooms. The B-3 & C-3 only had preamps; the power amps were in the Hammond tone cabs or a Leslie cab.  
The M-3 is like a mini-A-100, but with a truncated feature set. It has:  
2 - 44-note manuals, each w/1 - set of drawbars  
Scanner Vibrato  
12-note pedalboard  
Internal 11-watt preamp/amp w/ 1x12" speaker  
Preset tabs  
Rocker switches for Vibrato & Perc.  
Now, the Leslie Model 130 is one of the smaller models, and has:  
50-watt solid state amp  
Hookup style: 11  
Go to:  
I guess IMO, $300 is too much. I usually pay no more than $50-100 for an M-3. $150 in top condition. Most folks like the tube Leslies, but YMMV. Listen to it, & if it sounds great, make him an offer; maybe $150-200 is more like it. But I'd probably wait and get an M-100 and a real tube Leslie myself. The M-100 is the *true* little brother of the A-100, and has a much cooler feature set, a bigger amp, 2x12" plus the seperate reverb amp & 8" spkr. Keep your eyes peeled & watch the nickel ads for Hammonds. I usually see around 2-3 M-3's, M-100's or other lesser-known Hammonds per month.  
Good luck, and let us know what you think. Having a Hammond around is pure bliss.  
- P
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2/6/2001 11:39 PM
David Mitchell

Thanks for all the info, it clears up a lot that I was wondering. I think I might wait for a tube leslie(being a tube junkie myself) and maybe an  
M-100. I live in Massachusetts and there seems to be Hammonds in the classified's all the time.  
This guy's selling it because he just got an nice A-100 which sounds killer! He plays through a model 45 which he converted to two speed. I just did some work to the leslie amp for him and was wondering if you knew of any source that carries the four section plug in filter caps for the model 45? I was going to bypass it with new caps but it's kind of a nice feature so I figured I'd look for one first. It is 30/30/30/10 @475 volts.  
Dave Mitchell
2/6/2001 11:55 PM
30/30/30/10 @475 volts - New sensor has 'em
Hey Dave - yeah, go for the M-100 if you can nab one. I have one in my music room, and its the greatest.  
However...always bear in mind..."Green Onions" was recorded on an M-3 with no Leslie. : )  
Here's a good tip: check out the Hamtech email list - do a web search to find it and join the list - you'll learn more about Hammonds than you ever dreamed. Beautiful machines!  
- P  
Tonewheels Forever!
2/7/2001 4:21 AM
David Mitchell

Thanks P, I'll check that out. I knew green onions was recorded on an M3 but I didn't realize they didn't use a leslie. I'm a bass player but Hammonds are definitely my next favorite instruments.  
2/7/2001 7:07 PM
Booker T does the Beatles?
Have you ever checked out the album Booker T & The MG's recorded where they cover/rearrange the entire Beatles' Abbey Road record?  
I was stunned when I heard it. One of the coolest recordings I've ever heard.  
- P
2/8/2001 11:48 PM
David Mitchell

No, I can't believe they did that. Hopefully I can find it somewhere. There's a bunch of used record stores in Boston and Cambridge. I'm going to have to start hunting!  
Did Booker T use an M3 all the time?  
2/8/2001 11:56 PM

Well, IIRC, he played the M-3 only in the first year or so. He was a B-3 guy, generally speaking.  
FWIW, The album is reissued on CD - you may have better luck finding it in that format. I want to say its called "MacLamore Ave." or something like that - a take on the Abbey Road name. I haven't put it on in a while, so I forget at the moment. The cover has the 4 MGs walking across the street in front of the old Stax Studio, wearing their finest hippy garb.  
Its a real revelation to hear. The arrangements are really clever, and Booker's drawbar work is beautiful. It seemed like maybe his playing was at a peak then. I hope you dig it as much as I did.  
- P

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