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Re: cabinet construction

1/21/2001 3:43 PM
Re: cabinet construction
I have constructed a number of speaker and combo amp cabinets in the past few years and it is not difficult. Building a cabinet is about like a basic Hi School shop project. You do need access to some basic tools though. A good saw, drill, something to sand with, a stapler for grille cloth, and a few other things.  
The pieces do not have to be box jointed, although that would be great. A well costructed butt joint will work fine. The cabinet itself can be made from either pine or 3/4" Birch plywood, the baffle should be 3/8" to 1/2" birch plywood. All the basic materials are available from Home Depot, Lowes or other big hardware/home center.  
There is a basic tutorial for Tolex (vinyl covering) application at this URL Http:// There are three photo files and a text file, all with "Tolex Tutorial" in their titles. There are some cabinet construction deatils in several of the other photo albums too.  
As far as dimensions are concerned, go to sites that have information on various amps and get the basic dimensons of the cabinets. Fender stuff can be found at Http:// For Marshall or other amp cabinets, do a search under those brand names. You can also take a tape measure to a music store and get the dimensions first hand or look in some new products catalogs.  
1/21/2001 9:20 PM

how about using fiberboard to make cabinets?  
1/21/2001 11:16 PM
Tim C.

Fiber board is very heavy. Especially if you are building a 4X12 cabinet. You can use it but make sure that you buy the real dense board. You might even consider a good quality MDO product.  
I would try to use solid pine or baltic birch plywood first. Marshall uses 9 ply baltic for theirs.  
Good Luck,  
Tim C.
1/22/2001 3:12 AM

I personaly wouldn't use fiberboard or particle board because it doesn't resonate well(besides being heavy as noted above). It is often used for HiFi speaker cabinets but the goals are different for a guitar cabinet, you don't want the flat responce you are looking for in HiFi. I think that pine sounds the best, but with big cabinets 7 to 9 ply plywood is usually more practicle. I guess you could use fiberboard, it just wouldn't be my first choice.

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