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Re: Great site for debugging/finetuning Windows!

12/22/2000 9:04 PM
Steve A.
Re: Great site for debugging/finetuning Windows!
Thanks for goin to the trouble to make the PDF file.  
    Actually I did that for my own benefit because I wanted to search his site to undo some changes I tried the other day. With WinME, the CONFIG.SYS file is supposedly used only by "legacy" programs so I figured what the hell and created a CONFIG.SYS file with his recommendations for files, stacks, etc. The next time I started Windows I got a message saying that the items in CONFIG.SYS were incorporated into the registry (or something to that extent). I went back to edit C.S and the file was empty!  
    Only I never did find that info in PDF file so I must have picked it up at a different site.   :(    
    Before making the changes, when idle, Windows would access the hd briefly every minute or so (something to do with the swapfile, I think). Now it does that differently... it is only when I switch apps that it accesses the hd, but the thrashing goes on for several seconds now! I'm not sure which way is better, but I would like to be able to switch back and forth to make further tests...  
Steve Ahola

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