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12/18/2000 8:19 AM
Hello everybody, this isn't music related, but this being the open forum,...Have any of you watched the show "Crossing Over" on the Sci-fi channel? I'm trippin...  
12/20/2000 3:49 AM
Steve A.

Sci-Fi channel  
    AT&T in all of its infinite wisdom has decided that folks across the bay from SF are not worthy of this channel.   :(   Well, unless you buy into the digital cable crap (on top of the regular cable package, I believe).  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I'm a cheap bastard so I only pay $15 a month for the basic broadcast package... no HBO.   :(   But the last laugh is mine since The Sopranos first season came out on DVD; I rented all 4 discs essentially for free at Blockbuster. BTW it is Nick Lowe's "The Beast in Me" that is played over the end-credits of the first episode. (Congratulations, Nick! Now maybe you can kiss and make up with Dave Edmonds... time for a Rockpile reunion!)
12/20/2000 6:59 AM

Well at least you got the Sapranos, that is such a great show.  
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