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11/14/2000 1:23 AM
If any one has seen the Ozzfest 2000 I gues my question is what the hell happened to the music scene? The were so many crappy bands that had singers, no I mean screamers that sounded like they were from hell. Is this where all the young people are going to in music. If it is then we can say rock is dead and crap for music is alive. What happened to real bands like Aerosmith, Boston, Hendrix, van halen? The 70s seem to have produced the only worth while music of the whole rock era. HELP SAVE THE MUSIC, stop bands like Ozzfest 2000, with the ecception of Ozzy sounding bad and looking really old , Ozzy was the only worth while watching to the whole crappy concert.  
11/14/2000 2:34 AM
ever seen the Homerpalooza episode of the simpsons?
11/14/2000 6:52 PM
Dean Hazelwanter

'Billy Corigan - Smashing Pumpkins.'  
'Homer Simpson - smiling politely.'
11/15/2000 1:38 AM
Dave Mitchell

I have to agree with the current music scene. I'm only 27 years old but I feel totally out of touch with the current scene. I have to buy old records if I want to hear good sounding music where the players actually have chops and talent.  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like all of these new bands hired Cookie Monster as a session vocalist for their albums......  
It's sad to say but when I hear kids talking about the concerts that they went to it seems that they were more concerned with beating the crap out of each other in the mosh pit than they were with actually listening to the music.  
Dave M
11/15/2000 2:02 PM

I feel lucky that I was a teenager in the70s and not realizing at the time the great music being produced. I was accaully buying classic albums in the making. I remember going down to the record shop to buy Aerosmith (Rocks) when it first came out and getting (Van Halen) when it first came out along with Boston, Foghat and lots of others including Rush, All the worlds a stage, Killer album. (KISS) Alive was killer when it came out. I still have all my classic albums and still enjoying them. The 70s was a very fun time for me as being a teeneager and good music and lotsa other stuff to enjoy. Kids today just dont know what good music is. Maybe the music scene will take a turn and go back to the sounds of great songs and classic guitar sounds. Lets just hope so...  
Two cents from a old fart...
11/15/2000 4:09 PM
M&G amps Mike Kach
I have to disagree with some of you. Mostly their is a good music made today, it all falls down to currient trends, and they are more focused on attitude and beat. A lot of bands like the bands of a glorious past lack imagination so they follow the mold of the successful groups. But their is some good music, I personally like Candlebox, first album is awsome. Black Crows are great in my book, list can go on and on, I am just saying that what we like, Guys and Gals in 30's, our big brothers and parents hated just as much when they were our age. You seldom liked our parents music. This is one of the signs that you getting old, LIke a Rolling Stones tune says: " What A drag it is getting old"  
11/15/2000 11:19 PM

Have to agree with both of you that there's good and bad music, although I tend to lean hat there's more crap music there there is good. Is it any different to the loads of crap in the 70's to the good stuff from the 70's?  
I think what Zakk was getting to was that a lot of the concerts that are advertised are really trying to sell the turds from the gems  
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