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Re: Making speaker cabinets

10/19/2000 3:02 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Making speaker cabinets
"Do I presume correctly that there's nothing  
special regarding construction of open back  
speaker cabinets?"  
My understanding is that it is probably best to think of open-back cabinets as "semi-closed". In other words, the dimensions of the cabinet matter, and to some extent the size of the aperture matters. To be sure, the resonances of a closed cabinet depend *much* more on the cabinet dimensions than they do in the case of an open-back, but I wouldn't be so quick to assume that open-back cabs are simply baffle boards with sides attached to keep them from falling over. Unscrew the back panels off any open back Fender amp and listen to whether it makes a difference.
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10/19/2000 6:20 PM

If memory serves (and these days it sometimes does'nt), one type of enclosure is called "infinite baffle". The main charateristic is that there is no enclosure but the baffle is large enough so that the effect of movement from the back of the cone is minimized. Theory has that this is a good approach because pressure on both sides of the cone is equal but the size of baffle needed makes it somewhat impractical for most all installations.

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