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Re: what about Ronnie Montrose?

10/12/2000 10:48 PM
Steve M.
Re: what about Ronnie Montrose?
What about all those late 80s early 90s ads that had him using Pearce solid state amps :) I just picked up one of his newer solo albums in the cutout bin in Media Play, pretty good stuff! Although he has apparently seen the light and now is using Boogie gear :)  
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10/13/2000 2:07 PM

yup, that's correct... see my post to Steve A's...  
to elaborate on the setup that i last saw him using.  
he had the BF Band masters but also had a rack that included a Hafler T3 preamp, (2) V-Twins, Roctron Intelliverb, DBX, lexicon etc, some sort of parametric, a boogie amp switcher, and a boogie 290 simulclass amp. Lots-o-tones in there... he rocked that night and had a really hot band. his backup guitarist was a young lad that wasn't to shabby either and Ronnie gave him his own spot to showcase.
10/12/2000 10:57 PM
I agree about Montose, great guitar tone! I think Motley Crue ripped-off the motorcycle sound from "Bad Motorscooter" on their "Kick Start My Heart" song!
10/12/2000 11:07 PM

If that was a rip-of of Montrose.. it was not even It sounds like Montrose recorded that part of the guitar through a small cranked out amp and great slide work all through the song in the background People don't understand what we were subjected to that was on the radio at the time this album came out..around 74.. yep i agree one of my favorite songs and albums "Montrose" of his.  
10/13/2000 2:10 PM

i once saw Sammy Hagar open up for Boston and he did Bad Motor Scooter.  
Came out and sat down on the edge of the stage with a laptop steel and proceeded to do the opening slide thing and did the tune... best thing he did all night.  
also, the best i ever heard Sammy sound guitar wise... since i think they were playing through Boston's amps etc 8^j
10/13/2000 1:46 AM

Yepper great tones there.. A good friend of mine tells me that Ronnie used an unusual 3 x 10 tweed bassman dimed for a lot of those first couple of albums. Good authority or not y'all can decide..He was in the lower echelon club scene at that time and opened for Montrose quite a few times during that period. And apparently Ronnie kicks himself for ever letting that amp go.. not to tough to get close to that sound on a tweed bassman...less is more..  
10/13/2000 2:15 PM

yes, i've heard about the 3/10 tweed and also read an interview excerpt that quotes Ronnie as regretting letting that one go.  
However, I DO remember seeing Montrose on Don Kirshners Rock Concert once and ol' Ronnie was playing a flame top LP through a Plexi Marshall or maybe a super lead... cranked!  
Sounded awesome.  
You could tell he was connected and in the "zone"... twidlin' tone knobs etc.  
he also worked with Edgar Winter on the "They only come out at night" album... good guitar tones prevail.

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