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Re: Sustain/Feedback and How To Get It.

10/10/2000 12:04 AM
Re: Sustain/Feedback and How To Get It.
"It just seems that some amps have "it". The clean and overdrive have sustain and harmonics and then feedback even at less than full performance volumes. "
I had an experience like this with a Plexi 100W Marshall reissue half-stack back when they were still a recent development in Marshall's line (about 5 years or so ago).  
I plugged my guitar into the Normal channel, and jumpered that over to the High Treble (talk about understatements!!) channel. Then, I mixed the volumes to get a nice tone and volume level for rhythm work (with good clean sustain, too, BTW).  
It had a great clean tone that took off into octave feedback very easily, getting considerably louder (and still staying clean!!) as the feedback note gained strength. It easily gained 6dB, if not more like 8dB before I choked it off.  
The rub is that I wasn't playing so loud that my Fender Deluxe (22W) couldn't have matched its volume, either--heck, the salesman never even looked my way until the amp fed back and *then* got loud.... :D  
That amp definately had "it".  
C ya,  

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