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Re: EVH stuff "Nothing special"???

10/12/2000 12:08 PM
Re: EVH stuff "Nothing special"???
I was just mentally comparing VH's sound on the first album with the rest. Roughly, to me as the albums progressed his tone got a little worse. Do you think it is possible that Ted Templeman as producer had more to do with the first album's guitar tone (new artist, first album, big record label, high dollar producer) than with the later ones (band as money machine, Eddie calls the shots, has his own studio, Peavey designs his amp)? Just curious...
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10/10/2000 1:30 PM

"Besides, there are a select few "good" JCM 800 50 watt Leads that seem to have the EQ in a different spot than the rest of them (can someone comfirm this?) They sound a lot like the older Sup Leads."
Maybe you were playing a modded JCM800? The 2204-2203's are all the same circuit. The really early master volumes were slightly different but the EQ was always placed where it is and it's the same tone stack. The JCM800 2205-2210's are a very different animal so if you played on one of those amps then "yes" they are very different from the 2204-2203's.  
10/10/2000 3:29 AM
Rick Erickson
Re: EVH stuff
"The amp, in which there has been so much "muckery" over, sounds like a JCM800 50 watt Lead series (the one with the good EQ). "
As I recall, when I did a couple shows with them them in June '79 Eddie was playing through a small pedalboard with an MXR Flanger and a few other pedals, probably a Phase 90, and distortion box of some sort. (I never checked out his pedal board)  
His amps as I recall were metal face 100W MV Marshalls. I don't think they were calling them JCM 800 series yet. As I recall the amps were JTM series. I'm not sure what speakers he was using either. I've been told EV's but never confirmed this. He had a wall of speakers but only a couple were hooked up. His tone was great. His playing even better. I sat about ten feet from his amp both nights and took mental notes.  
10/10/2000 3:45 AM
Dave M.

[QUOTE]I sat about ten feet from his amp both  
nights and took mental notes.[/QUOTE]  
That's one hell of a way to gather mental notes! High decibel and high velocity? :D  
-Dave M.  
p.s. Was that your Moderne at Gordy's booth Sunday? What's the story on the two Bluesbreakers? :)

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