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Automatic disconnect with Windows ME

10/8/2000 2:44 AM
Steve A.
Automatic disconnect with Windows ME
    After upgrading(???) to Windows ME the other day I noticed that my modem started hanging up on me... A quick browse through my Control Panel settings did not turn anything up but the hang-ups continued. So I figured that I would go through every last dialog box until I found the rascal... Eureka!  
Control Panel  
 Internet Options  
  Internet Properties dialog box: Connections tab  
   Dial-up settings: Settings button  
    Dial-up settings: Properties button  
     Dialing tab  
      "Enable idle disconnect" checkbox -and-  
      "Disconnect when connection may not be needed" checkbox  
    What was kind of sneaky about this was that the 5th item above was a "Properties" button next to a greyed-out list box; usually there are no properties assigned to a "non-item" like that...  
    And what is with this new choice: "disconnect when connection may not be needed"? Is our computer going to decide next when we might not need to drive our cars...? I like to decide for myself when I want my computer to be on-line... (Speaking of that, NS 4.x used to have this annoying habit of redialing my ISP whenever I'd hang up! I'd go off-line if I was expecting a phone call and I'd find out later that I was still on-line! I set it so that I have to confirm a dialog box before my computer dials up my ISP...)  
Steve Ahola
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10/8/2000 3:03 PM

Steve there is a review of ME at you might want to read
10/8/2000 5:51 PM
Steve A.

    Thanks for the link! My computer has been prone to more crashes than I like so I figured that I'd give Win ME a whirl... The System Restore feature looked promising, and less expensive than the stand-alone program being sold by Adaptec (I don't know if they are related). I'll watch my system resources carefully and see if I can safely leave Restore disabled unless I actually want to use it before installing a new program.  
    With Win98SE my main problem was the display automatically resetting itself to 640x480, and totally screwing up my Desktop... After getting tired of dragging all of the icons back to where I expect to find them I edited AUTOEXEC.BAT to keep 9 generations of backups for my Registry files (SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT). So whenever I'd find my desktop screwed up I'd boot up in DOS to restore a recent version of USER.DAT (after resetting my display to 1024x768).  
    I think I finally did figure out what was usually screwing up my display... I had my monitor configured as a Plug'n'Pray device and if I booted up with the monitor off the OS would think that something was screwed up and would reset the display to 640x480. At least I haven't had that problem since I toggled off the PnP check box:  
Control Panel  
--"Settings" Tab  
---"Advanced" button  
----"Monitor" tab  
-----"Automatically detect P'n'P monitors" [off]  
    The article mentioned not being able to run DOS very easily with Win ME; the Shut Down menu no longer offers a "Restart in DOS" option but I haven't tried F8 during boot-up yet. (The only DOS program that I run at all anymore is Norton Commander and that is only for restoring a backup of the USER.DAT file as mentioned above... you need to change the file attributes, which is easy to do with NC.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Most programs seem to recognize Win ME as a version of Win98, although to the utilities that dig deep into the OS it seems to be more like Win2K... at least in terms of the drivers used.
10/10/2000 8:09 AM
Paul Stansfield

Hey Steve - W98 has a DOS utility called SCANREG which does all the registry backups for you. It supposedly analyses the registry for errors and gives you an option restore previous copies if necessary.  
10/11/2000 6:27 AM
Steve A.

    Thanks for the tip! I believe that SCANREG runs automatically when you boot up, but only keeps one or two generations of backups... when your registry gets screwed up and your system locks upó well, you just lost one of those backups when you rebooted! So my AUTOEXEC.BAT file would rename the older backups from SCANREG so that I could choose between 9 generations... But it'd definitely be worth looking into the command line options for SCANREG! (I didn't realize it was an .EXE file that ran in DOS... )  
    As for Windows ME, well, it looks like there is no more booting up into DOS...   :(   You can run DOS programs in a Window but that isn't quite the same.  
Steve Ahola

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