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stock humbucker, or G. Lynch Screamin' Demon

1/2/2001 9:52 PM
Len C
stock humbucker, or G. Lynch Screamin' Demon
I have a Jackson Dinky 2, with a Duncan Design HB102B-Bridge p/u. Thi sounds ok for what I am using it for, But I have a G. Lynch screamin demon laying around that i would consider using in it.  
I am currently playing in 2 bands, both are on the heavy side of the fence, is it a good plan to use this p/u or should I acquire a Duncan Invader? I need the sound to be Chunky! yet clear when I stop palm muting. Any insite would be helpful, Thanks
1/3/2001 1:18 AM
Ian Anderson

Give the 'demon' a try - can't harm!  
If you like sitting on the heavier side of the fence try some EMG's (lots of fun) ;)  
I'd stay away from the Invader. Everyone I've ever spoken to who's had that pickup says they're muddy (never had one myself)  
... Ian
1/4/2001 2:56 PM
Len C

Thanks Ian,  
I was thinkin about the EMG 81, but i wanted to keep my original post small and concise. I just dont want to keep changin pickups every couple of months because i don't like the sound. I have the Screamin demon in and older guitar as a test run, just in case I didn't like it, but i really do. The Invader just seemed like another viable option. Thanks again.  
1/4/2001 6:33 PM

I had the invader and it IS VERY MUDDY. Ive used many Seymor D. pickups and I like the Duncan JB or distortion pickup. If you have a les paul you could try the pearly gates as it will give a LP more bite.  

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