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I got a SG copy thats better than the real deal!

12/6/2000 11:56 PM
mbarn I got a SG copy thats better than the real deal!
I got an ESP Bruce Kurlick signature guitar the other day. It is basically an SG copy, but it has a neck-thru body. It is black with a pearl pickguard and it came stock with SD Pups(a 59er and JB). It has tall Wolfgang type frets and plays, sounds and looks better than any Gibson SG I've seen! I've never been a big fan of ESP guitars, because they are mainly 80's type shred guitars, but they are well made and good guitars if that is the style of guitar you like. This guitar is something else all together. If anyone has one of these guitars, or has ever seen one, I would like to hear their opinion. This is the first one I've seen and the latest ESP catalogs do not list the Bruce Kurlick model in them.

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