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Re: Gibson "SG" (Les Paul's ugly brother)

10/1/2000 7:29 PM
Re: Gibson "SG" (Les Paul's ugly brother)
I bought my 66 SG a few years back, paid $699 over here in Vancouver. It's got p90s and looked lonely in a shop full of old strats and humbucker equipped Gibsons. Its got a really thin neck I have to be really careful.  
I play through a 75 Hiwatt 100 halfstack  
Pure LOUD sweet heaven to me!
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10/3/2000 7:08 PM
Re:RI SG Historically Accurate?
Kenny, couple questions re:'66  
small pickguard or large?  
At which fret does the neck connect to the body?  
I was just over at the gibson site, looking at SGs hoping for some info. In the historic collection, there is a close up of the "historically accurate neck joint." Maybe I'm going off on the wrong memory, but that neck joint looks all wrong to me. I remember a 1/2" bevel/slope on the body, a 1/16" ledge, and then the neck connecting about the 20th fret. The neck joint they show looks more stable and probably a better deal for the customer, but not accurate.
10/4/2000 5:46 AM

It's a small pickguard. Body is joined at the  
19th fret. I think mine looks like your memory does. It also has three screw holes halfway between the bridge and the tailend. What goes here?
10/4/2000 9:04 AM
The screw holes are for a short vibrola.
10/4/2000 9:03 AM
That joint looks a bit chunky to me. On mine, the cutaways join the neck at the 22nd fret, there's a small lip up to the 21st fret and the heel extends just past the 20th fret. It all looks much smoother & more rounded than that picture on the Gibson site.
10/4/2000 6:33 PM

I dug out two items: the latest Guitar Player mag and the Who Isle of Wight on dvd. The advert for the Pete Townshend Signature Edition shows the neck joint I remember from the '61 style. The text says that the axe is accurate, but the guitar he's playing at the Isle of Wight has the longer neck joint which connects at an earlier fret. 19 could be right.  
It sounds like Kenny may have a transitional model if the neck joint is at 19, but it's got the small pickguard. Dunno. These thing happen in efforts to use up old stock. There are bound to be some anomalies.  
Yesterday, I looked at one of these blue book things. It indicated that '61-'62 are marked Les Paul, '63-'65 are not, but are basically the same, except for changes in tailpiece options. The '66-'71s are the big pickguard, 19th fret neck joint configuration.
10/5/2000 12:13 AM

FWIW there is a picture of my exact guitar in the book called "The Ultimate Guitar Book" by Tony Bacon on page 88. It calls it a 1963 SG Special, stating that the SG body style replaced yhe earlier Special in 1961. The P90 equipped model was produced until 1971. Is the Special a lower end model?  
Oh yeah, after I had paid and was leaving the store with my new guitar another clerk mentioned that I had bought the Joan Jett guitar. When I asked him what he ment he told me that she had sold the guitar to their California store and they sent it up to Vancouver. I wonder if its true?  

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