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Hammond 125 Series OT-Anyone use them?

10/4/2000 3:16 PM
Doug H
Hammond 125 Series OT-Anyone use them?
Tried this in the main forum and no one bit:  
I've got a modded Electar 10 (S/E EL34 ~10W) and I was thinking of  
converting the external speaker output to 8 ohms for driving a pair of 12's. Has  
anyone tried any of the Hammond "universal" output transformers? How do  
they sound?  
This amp currently has a single tap OT for driving the internal 4 ohm spkr as  
well as an external jack, with a switch that cuts off the spkr when the ext spkr  
plug is engaged. I was thinking of replacing the jack with one that has an  
isolated "break" switch. Then run the 8ohm tap to the jack, and run the 4ohm  
tap through the switch. I was thinking of using a Hammond 125E.  
Any sanity checking of my approach would be appreciated.  
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10/4/2000 7:06 PM
Don Symes

Unless there's a particular reason you just gotta have 8 ohms - like an existing cab you can't/don't_wanna rewire to 4 - you do sound sane.  
Can't answer re: sound, though.

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