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Just Played Carl Z (Summit Amplifiers) Banshee!!!!

2/25/2001 3:20 AM
Johnny El Gato
Just Played Carl Z (Summit Amplifiers) Banshee!!!!
Woah! Carl Z from Summit Amplifiers ( let me play through one of his banshee amps for a whole gig last Friday! This thing smokes!!!  
This was a predominantly Blues-style gig, but I also play quite a bit of jazz and country.  
For starters let me tell ya-this thing ate my buddies Dr Z. Maz18jr for breakfast! The vintage (clean) channel can be easily dialed in for good crunch or prestine clean, and the tone controls are very responsive. Touch response is phenomial. I was running the amp with a little bit of dirt and just rolled my volume back and/or picked softer to clean it up. I even ditched my tube screamer halfway threw the first set! The modern (lead) channel has got tons of attitude. It has plenty of punch and makes overdrive pedals in front of the amp unecessary. The drive picks up where the clean leaves off and gave me a great distintive tone. I hoped the other guitar player didn't mind me jumpin into solos quite often, I couldn't wait to make that thing sing again!  
Another feature that needs to be mentioned is the lack of noise from this amp. BTW I was playing a MIJ strat with rio Muy Grandes. First thing I did when Carl plugged the amp in is dimed the amp on the clean channel to see how much noise I'd be getting. No noise at all. I could hear my friends Z and the PA buzzen though, heh heh.  
Carl is a real hip guy with some great ideas and loves his work.  
If your looking for an amp that isn't another Fender or Marshall spin off check this thing out!

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