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Re: Cybertwin - no suprises here

2/21/2001 9:23 PM
Bill Chapin Re: Cybertwin - no suprises here
Robots Local #419 is on strike
And now, a word from our sponsors:

2/22/2001 5:09 AM

LOL Bill --On strike is RIGHT, pal! Can you imagine what a pain in the arse servicing [and repairing] one of these Cybertwin amps would be -- YIKES, I cringe even thinking about that one! This amp is really put together in the lamest way I've ever seen. Appears to be wave-soldered circuit boards throughout...yuk. I'll stick with my 1000% reliable Komet head, thank you! And the Cybertwin display amp is already in for repairs at that MARS store? Gee, I wonder WHY!!!

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