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Stereo wiring marshall cab

2/21/2001 11:47 AM
Stereo wiring marshall cab
Hi,i own a 1960 marshall (mono 16 ohm)that i wish to wire stereo at 8 ohm. I saw that the new cabs have a switch with mono 4/mono 16 and stereo 8 ohm. How can I do that? Which kind of cable is better for this purpose?  
2/21/2001 1:41 PM

Won't be easy unless you just order the jackplate/ switch and install that. You will probably end up hacking up the cab anyway, you may as well put a Marshall jackplate in it. (I am assuming that you have four of the 16 ohm speakers in there wired in series/parallel already.) Without the switching circuit on the little board that is attached to the jackplate, you won't be able to easily switch from 4 to 16 ohms mono. Of course you could always just put another jack in and have two pairs at 8 ohms, and just use a "Y" cable to make the cab 4 ohm mono. Or, I imagine you could wire up a special "Y" cable that would run them at 16 ohm mono.  

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