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DMM gone south... recommendation on new toys

2/19/2001 6:15 AM
DMM gone south... recommendation on new toys
Well.. I've alwyas bou8ght cheapo meters, because I coudnt justify spending much, plus if I do something stupid, not much loss.... welll I did something stupid, and ended up frying 2 meters at the same time *laugh* (lets just say the VDC settings are in opposite directions on the knob for each meter, and i knew how many clicks i needed to go... had them clipped in, and clicked them to a different setting (mA I think) and they both went (yues, I replaced the fuses, and nothing).... sooooo...  
Time to buy a new meter...  
Should I spring for a Fluke? If so, what do ya'll recommend, or know of any other comparable meters that myay be a few $$ less. Here is what I NEED and WANT  
at least 1000VDC reading available  
pretty good accuracy, esp when doiing things like OT shunt biasing....  
low voltage accuracy, since i deal with pedals as well, and if i feel like measuring voltage drop across a smallish resistor, i wnat to be accurate enough as well..  
Capacitance checker woudl be a bonus, enough to warrant a few more $$ spent for me... want to be able to measure as small as 5pF, and as high as 350uF  
Inductance measurement  
Frequency counter (and or generator)  
transistor checker  
Thanx... I dont want a $5 meter, but i'm not spending $500 either...
2/19/2001 6:30 AM

Rebel: You may want to check some of the pawn shops in your area; I found a Fluke 87 in really good shape for $100.00; I think they sell new for around $350.00. Also try e-bay and  
2/19/2001 4:05 PM

Take a look at the Wavetek 27XT. I've seen them for around $100.00 to $120.00 at:  
Fluke and Wavtek are married now.  
The Fluke model 77-III was on sale for around $170.00 too.  
2/19/2001 6:27 PM
well, if you're playing with amps, what's to stop you from fixing these "blown"meters?  
you'll find they are pretty easy to work on once you get the hang of them.
2/19/2001 6:41 PM

1) I coudl buy 2 or 3 of these meters for my minmum bench charge *laugh*... id' waste too much time, and these actually have a deal of surface mount digital shit, that I don't want to deal with.  
2) It's about time I upgraded to something a bit more accurate.

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