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Re: Guytron

2/17/2001 8:08 AM
Steve Snider
Re: Guytron
What city, state do you live in and where did you try the Diezel? Agree that the Diezel has a great clean tone and with the proper tube tweaks I can get a very smooth distortion going with the right cabs, I prefer the Bogner 2X12 cabs.  
The Pro is well worth trying out and I can tell you that the Clean tones and mid gain tones are really great and I dig the high gain tones too. That amp does require proper settings and is not a sit down and immediately get your tone.  
I have had a couple Shivas and a few Ecstasy's and both are cool in different ways. The Diezel is not as smooth as either Bogner, but has some great tones and you are best off with the master at 2:00 and the individual channels to taste. Mullards and good NOS 6L6s are quite nice in the D. Sorry you did not dig it. I say try a Pro. Great loop, awesome tone. Glad to send you some settings to try. You might dig it.  
2/17/2001 9:42 PM
I live in North San Diego County, 50 minutes from Orange County. I bought the Diezel from Splash Sound (Encino) on a three day no questions--took it to a gig in Ventura County. Got a great Santana sound (we did 4 Santana tunes)on Channel 3 but had to play at 100+ dBs to get it. Santana fans went wild, but the rest of the people in the place left complaining about the volume. MIDI switching between the four channels is flawless.  
The Diezel is just too much beast. I've heard I'd have the same problem with the Ecstasy (haven't tried one, yet). I currently have an Egnater IE4 (Rocktron, though) preamp, Mesa 2:90 power amp and 2 Recto 2x12 Cabs (Celestion Vintage 30's). I get great distortion at small club volumes, but the blues and clean tones are just OK. I want an incredible clean and blues sound without a lot of knob twisting and button pushing, as well as a great distortion and am willing to pay for it.  
I'm also looking at the Soldono X-99 pre-amp or stereo Bruno's S-100's. The problem with the Bruno's is you can't hear them before you buy unless you fly to NYC. That won't do. Komet Amplification has a much better program where you buy, they ship it to you--and if you don't like it, you just pay for the shipping both ways.  
From the MP-3's, the Komet has a great clean and slightly broken sound (as one Ampager wrote: "you will piddle when you hear these"--I almost did). But the distortion, as good as it is, is not what I'm looking for. And, no effects loop.  
re: Dumbleness.  
As much as I like Robben Ford's sound (great sound), it's basically HIS signature sound and it doesn't translate real well to the much of music I play (can't play "Tush" or "Comfortably Numb" with it).  
Looking forward to hearing the Emerald Pro. I heard the MP3's on the Two Rock webpage, and like everyone else on this webpage, wasn't ready to plunk down $4K on what I heard. But, I understand what you were demonstrating......the almost endless sustain and overall flexibility of the amp. I'm willing to judge it live on its own merits.  
Got to sound good live at small club volume, though.  
Can't have the customers complaining.  
Thanks for your help....and Dave, looking forward to your comments (and others) on all of this. I can't be the only one looking for this, nor the only one who would rather not do the Charneski-shuffle before finding that elusive tone.  
2/18/2001 2:00 AM
Dave Charneski
And I shuffled even more than I mentioned!
Yes, the tone search is a pain in the ass! Took me almost six years to end up where I am now! As for the Shiva, I wouldn't necessarily dismiss it based on what you heard in a store w/o the context of a band. It sounds great all by itself, but does take on a slightly different character in a band setting. Unlike the Diezel, you *will* be able to get smooth, perfectly realistic distortion tones at small club volumes. I certainly have been able to. In fact, that's been my primary complaint about most every other amp I've played over the past 6 years. They all sound pretty damn good at bone-crushing volumes, but just fall apart at even medium club volumes. Not the Shiva. It may not ultimately be *your* tone, but it *does* maintain it's quality extremely well as the volume is lowered.  
As for your comment about the distortion tones always sounding like Sunshine Of Your Love, the Shiva distortion tones are definitely always fat, smooth, woody and rich, but between the EQ knobs, the boost switch, the gain knob, different pickups, guitars, speakers and cabs, you should be able to evoke tones other than the Sunshine Of Your Love tones! :>) My buddy's PRS and SG sound way different than my singe-coil equipped Andersons, for example. But, yes, given the one distortion channel and lack of "voicing switches" and other gizmos, you will not be able to get the variety of an Ecstacy, for example.  
I, too, really like the Komet MP3s, especially the Strat tones on Komet website. Holy Shit! But, I just can't even begin to think about going through another "amp shuffle" or outright purchase at the moment. Plus, the Komet has to be played *very* loud to sound good. Says so right on their website. They *do* make a great attenuator for it (the Airbrake), but then you're talking $3125 for the head, $500+ for some kind of cab and $300+ for the attenuator...and no guarantee it'll sound any better than the master volume on the Shiva....which I already know sounds as good as anything I've played at small club volumes.  
So, I'd have to find it at a store somewhere to hear it. I learned a big lesson with the Route 66...which is a lot like the Komet in many respects.  
2/18/2001 4:11 AM
I'll give the Shiva another serious look. Thanks for the input.  
If you like the Komet, you might want to listen to the MP3's on Bill Chapin's website as well. There is one (titled SOLO 1, I believe) that has a killer clean tone. He has Route 66 MP3's, as well, but sonically it wasn't in the same league as the Komet.  
I'll probably have to look at the Two Rock Emerald Pro, too. Both the Bruno rep and the Two Rock rep (Steve Snider) have blasted Fuchs (and each other, of course) but there are some people on this page that have said pretty good things about it. Man, I sure would like to hear all five at one setting--If you guys ever decide on another West Coast Shootout, let me know. You bring your amps....I'll bring my checkbook.  
Take care,  
2/18/2001 4:57 PM

If you're into Dumble-esque tones, check out the Fuchs. After Andy redid my Two Rock into one of his, I'm much happier with the tone. His amps cost less, have similar features and he'll even do a free, one time revoicing for you. Build quality is great.  
Dave C.,  
I still love my Guytron. :) Of course, I use it mostly for clean and vintagey overdrive tones. The high gain is a little compressed. Also the speaker cab makes a great difference. I didn't buy the Guytron cab, I got a TopHat open back 2x12 with Celestion G12H30's. Sounds way better to me! I'll have to check out a Shiva next time I'm in Chicago. Sounds interesting.  
2/18/2001 5:27 PM
Dave Charneski
I dig *both* the E. Pro and Komet clips on Chapin's site
I'd love to hear them in person, but no stores in my area have even *heard* of them! :>)And, like I said earlier, I'm really not in a buying position right now anyways. The Fuchs stuff did not do overwhelmingly well in the 2nd EC Shootout. Plus, I've come to get a really good feeling for how Steve Snider hears things and he didn't seem to care for them as much as the latest Two-Rocks. Also, there's a guy on the HC Board, who I've come to know fairly well, who got one of the Fuch's mod. He didn't seem to be overly enthusiastic about it either. Once again, these are just "data points". You really have to hear them in person, or better yet, in a band context to really know for sure. If I were ever to dump the Shiva again, I would need to be able to get the new amp side-by-side with it in my living room and in a band rehearsal. I would need to make absolutely certain that the thing kicked ass at the volume levels I need (like the Shiva does). Certain MP3s of both the Komet and TR E. Pro certainly sound incredible though.
2/18/2001 11:10 PM

I am actually selling the shiva to make room for a fuchs 100 ODS head. A close friend bought one(full featured head w/6l6, not el34) and I played with it for quite a while. At first I really liked it alot, but was not completely sold on it. But after a 2nd time with it, and recording some stuff, I love the sounds, clean and dirty, in person and on tape. I love the shiva, but the fuchs is smoother, with less fizz than even the shiva. It also has great reverb, and is a hell of alot more portable! pretty compact and lightweight head. Plus Andy is relatively close to me, so I don't have to send amps cross country for servicing. The build quality looks real great and it cost way less than a 2-rock. I honestly think that all these amps are way too hyped on the net, and will always be a little disappointing at first in person. This is true for all of them. Guys think of the dumble tone and think of robben on handful of blues and then the amp does not sound exactly like it in person. I have been let down by every single peice of gear I have heard in person compared to my 'ideal' of sound and the hype. The fuchs however has great clarity and sustain, very quiet operation, real useful features, nice cosmetics, and a good guy backing it. I can dial in "my" sound, which is the only one that counts, quite easily. The sound files I hear from all these other amps never impress me much, 2-rock,komet,Dr. Z, or anything else. The fuchs actually sounds real good in a musical setting, so I am buying one. It is all a matter of context-maybe a 2-rock pro would sound real good too, but it cost too much and the sounds I have heard do not sound like what I want, so it isn't worth the risk. I know I probably wouldn't like the komet or dr.Z, as I don't really like that style of amp. It just depends on where you are coming from, music-wise and the context of use. Besides 90 percent after a certain basic quality level is the player. If I did not play gigs I would just play unplugged.chuckle chuckle.  
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